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Brigham Young University

Effects of frequent marital communication and decision-making on psychological outcomes: A study of older adults
Jordan Sgro
PTSD In the Veteran Population: An Education Simulation for Nursing Students
Deven R Jennings
Fabrication of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Using Native and Non-Native Nanocrystals in Ferritin
Alessandro Perego
Visualization and Control of Radiative Surface Properties using Origami Inspired Surfaces
Mitchell Blanc, Rydge Mulford, Matthew Jones, Brain Iverson
International Nursing Student Collaboration: Finland and U.S.
Kailey Goodman
UAV Path-Planning Optimization using Bezier Curves and a Receding Horizon Approach
Bryce Taylor Ingersoll
Frequency and Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA in raw meat samples in the Utah County Area
Kyler J. Haskell
Stephanie Dale Bair
Two-Phase Flow over Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Courtney Nordgran
Comparative Efficacies of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Protocols in Peripheral Neuropathy Subjects
Ty Bodily, Jordan Peacock, David Busath
Insights into Human Diseases with Plant Mitochondria
Collin D Hansen
Sexual Assault: Findings from a Retrospective Chart Review of 1000 Victims
Kelsie Pead, Elise Otteson, Sage Elizabeth Williams, Julie Valentine
Differentiation of iPSCs into cardiomyocytes utilizing extracellular matrix
Arthur Adaon Castleton, Donnie Feifer, Kaitlyn Johnson, Brady Vance, Michael George Stewart, Ryan Joseph Goodman, Matthew Zimmerman, Joseph Bloxham, Alonzo David Cook
Optimization of decellularization of whole porcine kidneys
Bruce Larson
What Does the Fos Say?
Jason David Ray, Kyle Kener, Ben Bitner, Brent Wright, Matthew Ballard, Justin Bosley, Larry Moss
Origami | imagirO: Numerical Solutions of Apparent Absorptivity in Origami Folds
Michael Farnsworth
Data Mining Approach to Revising MG AZ31 Twin Formation Models
Andrew Orme, Isaac Chelladurai, Devin Adams, David Fullwood, Michael Miles
Predicting Cancer Patient Survival by Analyzing Clinical and Molecular Data using a Machine-­learning Approach
Terry James Lee, Dr. Stephen Piccolo
Antibacterial Carbon-Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Coatings on Surgical Blades
Jaclyn Johns
Simulation Increases Understanding of Poverty in Future Healthcare Providers
Mike McNeil, Gaye Ray
"Relationship quality and body image: Can supportive spouses make a difference?”
Jordan Sgro, Erin Kaseda, Adriane Cavallini, Kiley Ballew, Spencer Nielson, Kristen Ray, Chris Herron, Kyle Eversole, Katie Hyatt, Wendy C. Birmingham
Prevalence and Impact of Sexual Assault on those with Mental Illness: A Retrospective Study
James Holden Brimhall, Kelsie Pead, Leslie Miles, Linda Mabey, Julie Valentine
Exercise Limits Loss of Respiratory Function Seen With Doxorubicin Treatment Without Affecting Muscle Function
Makensie Joann Louw, Amy Crandall, Tyler Murphy, Merrick Reynolds, Drew Bernhisel, Chad Hancock
Energy from Thin Air: Compressed Air Power Harvesting Systems
Zachary James Sadler
The effect of normal and high fat conditions on Nr4a transcriptional activity
Emily Barrett
Seed Germination Study of Yucca Species
Stephanie Boudreaux, Megan McGhie, Rachael Claire Poore, Ryan Stewart
Spousal Influence on Health Behavioral Practices in Young Couples
Kyle Evesole
Pancreatic Beta Cell Organoids from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Chandler Warr
Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy by Lysophosphatidylcholine and Nerve Growth Factor
David Walton, Harper Christensen
Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy by Lysophosphatidylcholine and Nerve Growth Factor
Parker Christian Cressman
Tissue Engineered Vascular Graft for Surgical Implantation
Jacob Lee Dangerfield
Personal susceptibility to media influence: Body satisfaction in sub-clinical women
Erin Kaseda, Jordan Sgro, Adriane Cavallini, Kiley Ballew, Spencer Nielson, Kristen Ray, Chris Herron, Kyle Eversole, Katie Hyatt, Wendy C. Birmingham
Determining the Mechanism of Cocoa-Derived Epicatechin Enhancement of Glucose Stimulated Insulin Secretion
Benjamin Felt Bitner, Tommy Rowley, Matt Ballard, Justin Bosley, Jeffery Tessem
Knee Angle Measurement Through Nanocomposite Wide-range Sensors
Adin Martineau, Parker Rosquist, Nicole Martin, Benjamin Hilton, Anton Bowden, David Fullwood, Matthew Seeley
Interspecific Hybrids in Penstemon
Sarah Harrison, Bryson Ensign
Phylogeny and species boundaries in the “flying dragons” of the Draco maculatus species complex (family Agamidae)
Randy Luke Klabacka
Vitamin D Deficiency in Collegiate Athletes, A Comparative Study Between Indoor and Outdoor Athletes at Brigham Young University
Kaitlin Ann Jackman, James E. Kohl
NICU Immunization Rates – No Baby Left Behind
Lacey Miller Eden, Janelle Macintosh, Karlen Elizabeth Luthy, Kailey Jo Hawkins, Emily Mather
Religiosity may not predict better body image: a study in sub-clinical women
Kiley Ballew, Jordan Sgro, Erin Kaseda, Adriane Cavallini, Spencer Nielson, Kristen Ray, Chris Herron, Kyle Eversole, Katie Hyatt, Wendy C. Birmingham
Effect of Cumulative vs. Non-cumulative Assessments on Student Learning in an Introductory Biology Course
Kurt Williams, Nicole Rice, Michelle Baek, Nicholas Nelson, Shannon Rose, Patrick Stockdale, Elizabeth G Bailey
Effects of Spousal Attitudes on Own Exercise Behavior
Jordan Sgro, Emily Hartung, Wendy Birmingham, McKenzie Carlisle
Effects of frequent marital communication and decision-making on psychological outcomes: A study of older adults
Jordan Sgro, Wendy Birmingham, Maren Voss, Jerry Bounsanga, Man Hung
Defining the role of Nr4a3 in β-cell function
Kyle Bitter Kener, Jeffery Sivert Tessem
Changes in Light Guiding Capacity of PECVD Waveguides Due to Environmental Exposure
Roger Chu, Tom Wall, Aaron Hawkins
Overexpression of HDAC1 induces functional β-cell mass
Amanda Hobson
Effect of Resveratrol Derivatives on PMCA in Breast Cancer
Joshua Allen Peterson, Jason Donald Kenealey
Finite Element Analysis of Novel Compliant Mechanism Spinal Clamp
David Usevitch
Feasibility Study of Technology for Increasing Sustainability at Airports
Shelby Lynn Larsen
Ben Merrill
EBI2 expression of B lymphocytes is controlled by Epstein-Barr virus transcription factor, BRRF1, during viral infection
Wesley Theron Cheney, Caleb Cornaby, Brian Poole
Low-Cost Hydrogen Microprint Technique and identification of microstructures in Advanced High Strength Steels that are susceptible to Hydrogen Embrittlement
Jonathan Mortensen
Learning Gains from Recurring “Teach and Question” Homework Assignment in an Introductory Biology Course for Non-Majors: Utilizing Reciprocal Peer Tutoring Outside of Class
Nicholas Nelson, Patrick Stockdale, Michelle Baek, Katie Fairholm, Clint Morris, Nicole Rice, Shannon Rose, Kurt Williams, Elizabeth G. Bailey
A Wearable Piezoresistive Interface to Virtual Reality
Shawn M LeBaron, Adin Martineau, Benjamin Hilton, Sarah Fletcher, Anton E Bowden, David T Fullwood
The role of PAS kinase in controlling cellular respiration
Jenny Adele Pattison
The Synergistic and Bactericidal Effects of Vancomycin, Bacteriophage, and Silver Nanoparticles against MRSA Biofilms
Bryan Hair, Taalin Rasmussen, Trevor Wienclaw, Lisa Deus, Bradford Berges
Applying Chemical Reactions to Calculations of Atmospheric Dispersion of a Toxic Chemical in Air
Loren Atwood
Nerve Growth Factor Increases Repair of Crushed Peripheral Nerves
Mark Rigby, Jonathan Jacobs, Keaton Karlinsey, Tyler Brown
In-Class Participation Gender Gaps in Upper-Level Life Sciences Courses
Michelle Baek, Shannon Rose, Katie Fairholm, Clint Morris, Nicholas Nelson, Nicole Rice, Patrick Stockdale, Kurt Williams, Elizabeth G Bailey
EBI2 expression pattern is controlled in response to EBV infection, putatively controlling immune-evasive migration of B cells in lymph nodes
Caleb Cornaby, Vera Mayhew, Wesley Cheney, Brian Douglas Poole
Analysis of catalysts to carbon nanotube growth on medical-grade stainless steel
Kent Williams, Anton E. Bowden, Brian D. Jensen, Tracy W. Nelson
The Role of a Single Stranded Binding Protein in Plant Mitochondrial and Chloroplast DNA Replication
Tyler Robert Augenstein, Brent Nielsen
The Effect of Students’ Emotional Maturity on Their Perception of Test Question Fairness: an fMRI Study
Sarah Nguyen
Study of the Meniscus of Water at the Nanofluidic Level
Taylor Max Welker
Epilobium angustifolium’s Endophytic Fungi and their Biologically Active Secondary Metabolites
Michael Evan Roberts, Bradley Geary
Running Exercise Mitigates the Negative Consequences of Stress on Hippocampal LTP
Morgan D Homan, Jeff G Edwards, Zoie Badura, Roxanne Miller, Tyler Hammond, Myriah Lewis, Jacob Welch
Hamsters Expected to Produce a Better Immune System than Mice
Christian White Daniels, Bradford Berges
From Information Teleportation to Energy Teleportation
Rachel Gardner
Mitigating the Risks of Emerging Highly Pathogenic Influenza Pandemics
Gregory Alan Mohl, Mckay Jensen, Spencer Wallentine, Kelly McGuire, Roger Harrison, David Busath
Engineering High Affinity Class II TCRs Specific to Listeria Monocytogenes
Sheldon James Myers
Low-Risk Satellite Inspection Using a Passive Spherical Camera
Ian Matheson
Combination Selenium Therapy in early stage Prostate Cancer cells
Cortney Holmes, Taalyn Rasmussen, Angelo Garcia
Resveratrol as a Chemotherapeutic
Jeffrey Chad Mecham
Effects of Host Microbiota on Intestinal Fiber Content
Kyle Olsen, John Chaston
β-cell Mitochondrial Respiration Changes in Aged Islets
Brent Jackson Wright, Jeffery Tessem
Ribonuclease inhibitors for In Vitro Biology
Conner Earl
Visualization of cardiac plexus fiber branches to the atrioventricular valves using the Sihler’s technique.
Alistair Hilton, Adam Jorgensen, H. Wayne Lambert, David A. Morton, Jonathan J. Wisco
β-cell Adaptation to Elevated Palmitate Concentrations (Hyperlipidemia)
Daniel Robert Lathen
Health System Learning: Understanding Performance Improvement in a Post-Surgery Hospital Unit
Lindsey Shaw
Health System Learning: Understanding Performance Improvement in Nursing Education
Lisa Echols
Optimization of Auto-induction media for Cell growth used in Cell-Free Protein Synthesis
Andrea Cutler, Christina Muhlestein
MAGNAMWAR - Mono-Associated Gnotobiotic Animal Meta-Genome Wide Association R Package
Corinne Penrod
Efficacy of autologous fibrin glue in adult stem cell adherence to decellularized porcine scaffold
Donald Earl Pfeifer
The role of betatrophin in the β-cell proliferation pathway
Samuel George Grover
The Effect of Microbiota on Lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster
Melinda Koyle
Acute methamphetamine induces reactive oxygen species formation in dopamine terminals of the nucleus accumbens
Taylor Heinzlmeir
Metformin Limits Loss of Mitochondrial Respiration Seen With Doxorubicin Treatment Without Affecting Muscle Function
Tyler Steadman Murphy, Amy Crandall, Makensie Louw, Merrick Reynolds, Drew Bernhisel, Chad Hancock
Using CRISPR/Cas9 knock-in technology to endogenously label RibeyeA protein in the zebrafish model organism
Caitlynn Cooper, Brendon Warner
Development and Classification of SSRs for Penstemon scariosus (Plantaginaceae)
Kevin M Farley, Chris D Anderson, Nathan J Ricks, Mikel R Stevens
Lytic Genes Influence the Production of Infectious Epstein-Barr Virus
Allison Kay Morin, Caleb Cornaby, Brian Poole
Human Power Energy Harnessing: A Systems Engineering Approach
Alex Jafek
Transcription factor interactions in developing hair cells
Hannah B Waddel, Nicholas Nelson, Arminda Suli
Bio-orthogonal Metastatic Cancer Imaging in Gels
Tanner Ravsten, William Pitt, Neal Bangerter, Chris Wagstaff, Jessica Doud, Clara Gleason
Statistical Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis Patient Electronic Health Record Data in Correlating Liver Damage in Response to Interferon Beta Treatments
Scott Gary Frodsham
PAS Kinase and its Role in the Development of Diabetes and Obesity in Mice
Joseph Oliver White, Jeralyn Franson, Andrew Rees, Alistair Hilton, Kai Li Ong, Nidhi Choksi, Jared Resolme, Jeffrey Zhao, Laura Bridgewater, Julianne Grose
Parent’s Roles in Adolescent Pornography Use
Allison Dee Garner, Sam A Hardy
Vertical Axis Turbine Wake Interaction
Brett Dagan Pielstick
Use of methyl and monomethyl viologens as catalysts in the production of hydrogen from glucose for the use in hydrogen fuel cells and as electron carriers in glucose fuel cells
Joseph Le Nguyen, Gerald Watt, John Harb, Randy Lewis
The effect of gut microbiota on starvation resistance in Drosophila melanogaster
Alec M Judd
Sequencing an antibody specific for an epitope overexpressed on cancer cells
Justin Heath Crandall, Kiara Vaden, Kelly Scott Weber, Kim O'Neill
Elucidation of Mechanisms Whereby Embryonic Chicken Limbs Develop
James David Broadbent
The role of KLF14 in the survival and proliferation of pancreatic β-cells
Benjamin Orson Jack
Superhydrophobic and Anti-Microbial CICNT Surfaces
Christian DaLon Esplin, Brian Jensen, Anton Bowden, Nicholas Whipple
Title: Anemia Research in Africa: Interpreting Unexpected Results
Kaeli Thomas, Karen de la Cruz
How Well Can Machine-learning Algorithms Predict Biomedical Outcomes Based on Gene-expression Data?
Anna Irene Guyer
Does a Heart Build Itself? A study in cardiomyocyte cell differentiation
Kaitlyn Johnson
Characterization of Proliferation and Dedifferentiation of Müller Cells
Joshua Jordan Hansen, Collin J Sanderson, Alonzo Cook

Dixie State University

The Liminal Gutter: The Literary Impact of Memoir Graphic Novels
Kelsey Jetter
Cursed Fathers: Trauma Theory and Link, the Hero of Time
Aaron E Palmer
Interaction of lipids with natural surfactants from soil
Matt Blanchard
Characterization of Mineral Soil Samples: Surfactant Composition
Dustin Reidhead, Austin Fackler, Gabriela Chilom
The effect of self-assembly of organic matter on the water repellency of soils
Austin King Fackler, Dustin Duke Reidhead, Gabriela Chilom
The B is Silent: The Portrayal of Bisexuality in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Bailee Christiansen
The effect of physical attraction and employment decision
hiu yu tang
Satisfaction in Decision Making Among Children
Jade McCombs
We Rise and Fall Together: A Study of the Relationship between hTR and hMRP
Bryan James Adam, MiKayla Stokes
Identification of a new blood-born bacteria in the human body
Adriana May Christensen, Donald Warner
Implicit Racial Bias and Memory: The Effects of Racial Salience on Jurors Memory
Sarah Hendricks
A Scientific Study Determining Variables Affecting Metal Oxide Oxidation States Coloring High Fire Ceramic Art Glazes.
Victoria Willard
Atticus the Segregationist
Heather Karns
Somatic Symptom Disorder in DSM-5: Misdiagnosing Biological Causations of Mental Illness and Devaluing the Functionality of Pain
Ashleigh Brinkerhoff
Applied Behavioral Analysis Intervention: Improving the Social Functions of Patients with Dementia
Cassie Shurie Demke, John Pugliese
Emotional Hooks: The impact of photography in the media
McKade Alton Christensen, Nancy Ross
Creating A Monster: Attachment Theory in Mary Shelly Frankenstein
Sam Quinn Passey
Dracula, the Gothic Gospel
Thora Elisebeth Lieby Moore
Utilzing Black Mentors at Predominatley White insitutions providing a sense of belonging to Black students at Dixie State University.
Morgan Kirk
Shifting Teacher Identity in the Culturally Responsive Classroom
Camilynne Basile
William Tyndale's Translation of the Bible and Its Effect on the English Language
Susanne Arlette Crawford
An Application of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth to non­Western European Myths
Patrick Lynch
I Want You to Want Me: Attachment and Pornography Use in Relationship Satisfaction
Lyndsey Katherine Craig, Christy Fiscer, RonJai Staton, Michelle Hammon, Deborah M Decker, Jeramy Schritchfield, Sam Passey, Barbara Tortella Balbas, Amy Harmon, Dannelle Larsen-Rife
More Than a Feeling: An Evaluation of Pitocin Use in Obstetrics
jeremy v scritchfield, dannelle Larsen-Rife, haley anderson, christine fiscer, lyndsey craig, barbara tortella balbas, Ronjai Z. Staton
Investigation the degradation products and impurities in Pitocin
Joshua LeBaron McArthur, Jeremy Scritchfield, Haley Anderson, Rico DelSesto, Danelle Larsen-Rife
Does a combination of high heat, high ultraviolet (UV) rays, and low humidity disable chytrid fungus in the lab?
Mckenzie Rose Barry, Erica Briseno, Donald Warner, Curt Walker
Synthesizing Your Future
Jace R Melessa, Darren Stapleton, Carol Fordham, Alaura Young, Rico Del Sesto
Synthesis of topical antimicrobial materials based on room-temperature ionic liquids
Camille McKae Migliori, Kahla Merrett, Aimee Newsham, Alaura Young, Jace Melessa, Darren Stapleton, Carol Fordham, Jospeh Aklinski, Don Warner, Andrew Koppisch, Dan Fox, Rico Del Sesto
Seen But Not Heard: Coercion in Labor and Delivery
Christine L Fiscer, Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Jeremy Scritchfeild, Desiree Irvine, Craig Demke, Lyndsey Craig, Barbara Balbas, RonJai Staton

Southern Utah University

Student Perceptions of Evolution in a Religious-Centered State
Alyssa Chrystine Brown, William H. Heyborne, Emily Dean
Supportive Lipid Bilayer Stripping via Microfluidics
Whitney Nicole Hansen, Chris Monson, Mason Valentine, Cameron Cooper
A Microfluidic Device for Oxygen Quantitation in Anoxic Environments
Lohra Mickelle Miller
Making CSI Dreams a Reality: Microfluidic DNA and Small Molecule Analysis
Allison Kate Hadley, Mandy Jo Nelson, Chris Monson
Schiff Base Coordination Compounds of Transition Metals, Preparation and Photophysical Properties
Mckenzie Jonely, Sacha Toussaint, Hussein Samha
Evaluation of the Stereochemical Selectivity of the Nucleophilic Addition Reactions of the Menthylmagnesium Chloride Grignard Reagent with Electrophiles
Rebecca Loren Maedgen
The effects of Umbellularia californica produced terpenoids on vascular smooth muscle.
Bodrie J Jensen, Matthew Weeg, Mary Jo Tufte, Skyler Buck, Jeremy Osborne
Phosphatidylserine-containing Supported Lipid Bilayer as a Separation Medium for Copper Binding Compounds
Christopher Reynolds
Comparison and Contrast of The Navajo Diné Bahane’ and Bible Creation Stories
Rakael D Hinton
Availability of information on federal aid and a student's enrollment
Jonathan B Frehner
Revision of Colossendeis colossea Wilson, 1881 (Pycnogonida: Family Colossendeidae)
Coral Gardner
Exploring the Aftermath of Massacres and the Attitudes of the Individuals Involved
Katie Fronk

University of Utah

Melissa Mossar
Trends of depression across regions in the United States
Anthony B Crum, Man Hung, Jerry Bounsanga, Maren W Voss, Wei Chen, Wendy C Birmingham
A dashboard for health information exchange between poison control centers and emergency departments: the poison control center view
Haley Hanseler
Standing postural sway and balance confidence in persons with Multiple Sclerosis at fall-risk as compared to controls
Austin Sidwell Gamblin, Hina Garg, Leland E Dibble, Eduard Gappmaier
The influence of social support on health outcomes in the older population
Jerry Bounsanga, Man Hung, Maren W Voss, Anthony B Crum, Wei Chen, Wendy C Birmingham
Medicare Part B Utilization and Payment: A National Study of Family Practice Providers
Jerry Bounsanga, Maren W Voss, Anthony B Crum, Man Hung
Optimization of a Logo Recognition System
Michael Zhao
PMMA Formula Modification Through the Preinfiltration and Infiltration Times to Create Optimal Product for Immunohistochemistry Studies
Amy L Yu, Kaitlynn Castolene, Kent N Bachus
Maternal High Fat Diet and Developmental Origins of Myocardial Dysfunction
Herschel W. Wilde
Combined targeted Inhibition of STAT3 and the epigenetic regulator LSD1 alters proliferation and molcular phenotype in glioblastoma tumor stem-like cells
John Stuart Peterson, Jingye Yang, Amiee Maxwell, Adam Cohen, Sunil Sharma, Howard Colman
Improvement of Care in Surgical Intensive Care Unit Through Family Feedback
Avani Latchireddi, Wade Mather, Joseph Tonna
Body mass index and risk of head and neck cancer
Yuji Chen, Mia Hashibe, Yuan-Chin Amy Lee, Shuang Li, Zuo-Feng Zhang, Min Dai, Qian Li, Chien-jen Chen, Wan-Lun Hsu, Pen-Jen Lou, Cairong Zhu, Jian Pan, Hongbing Shen, Hongxia Ma, Lin Cai, Baochang He, Yu Wang, Xiaoyan Zhou, Qinghai Ji, Baosen Zhou, Wei Wu, Jie Ma, Paolo Boffetta
The Effects of Re-contextualization on Vernacular Architecture: Yin Yu Tang House
Mariko Azuma
Lung Setd8 mRNA Expression Peaks During Alveolar Formation in the Rat
James Tang Zhao
The “Tampon Tax”: an examination of public discourse surrounding policies concerning menstrual taboo
Lea Hunter
Remodeling of Gap Junction Distribution in Cardiac Myocytes in the Infarct Border Zone
Everett S. Barnes
The Use of Scripture in 1 Enoch 1-36
Colby Townsend
The Yahwist's Influence on the Book of Mormon
Colby Townsend
The Application of Staph Phage Cocktails on Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infection
Yinghua Su
Predicting drug response in breast cancer using multi-pathway gene expression signatures and BH3 profiling.
Sydney Rose Wyatt, Shelley Macneil, Mumtahena Rahman, Gajendra Shrestha, Samuel Brady, Jasmine Rethmeyer, Andrea Bild
Professional vs. Nonprofessional Exercise Prescriptions and Injury Correlation
Mercedes Robinson
Factors Affecting the Economic Integration of Utah Refugees
Yvette Young, Gabriel Antonio Echeverria
Attention and Nature
Kevin Greenberg
Melissa Mossar, Mikaelyn Kooyman
The Role of Reversibility in the Self-assembly of DNA-Coated Colloids
Ethan Powell, Ethan Powell
Art, Ecology and the Politics of Land Use
Alison Mitchell
A Framework for Validating Modeled Air Quality Data in Health Research
Nicole Burnett
Mapping the Synaptic Connections of Retinal Ganglion Cells
Samantha Chadwick, Brent Young, Ning Tian
Improving Health Outcomes for People Facing Homelessness
Hannah Ellen Hendrickson
Why and when do Students change Majors?
zhimin li, Alexander Lex
Microfluidic Flow Cell Array Printing for Engineered IVD and Musculoskeletal Tissues
Alexander Norman Blitch, Nikki Davidoff, Niloofar Farhang, Benjamin Brooks, Robby Bowles
Passive Cooling Strategies For Utah
Alexis Payne Suggs
Perceptions of Aging and Disability among College Students in Japan
Nicholas James Warren, Akiko Kamimura, Ha Ngoc Trinh, Emily Stephens, Keita Omi, Ana Kanaoka, Ai Ishikawa, Katsuo Yamanaka
Mental Health and Injuries In Older Adults –Factors Associated with Increased Risk
Lindsay Arslanian
Effect of a High-Fat Diet on Transgenic Mice Overexpressing Human CD39
Anna Brandes, Yue Zhang, Simon Robson, Bellamkonda Kishore
In vitro evaluation of silver nanoparticles to treat acute sinusitis
Fei Wang
ESCRT-III and MIT domain containing Interactions
Matthew Steven Miller
Predictors of palliative chemotherapy utilization within last 30 days of life
Sara Mann
Perceptions of Violence Against Women Among College Students in the US, Japan, India, Vietnam, and China
Margaret Carlson, Akiko Kamimura
Male Mediators of Feminine Subjects: Translation in Clarice Lispector
Hillary Hermansen
The Relationship Between Preschoolers’ Engagement in Book Reading and Executive Functioning Skills
Aalia Christian Fields
The Bak-Sneppen Model of Biological Evolution
Mackenzie Alice Simper
How do nuclear scientists and engineers talk internally among themselves about the Fukushima energy crisis?
Haoran Yu
Christine Henry, Kelly Hughes
Temporal Changes in Microbial Composition and Activity in Serpentinization-Driven Ecosystems
Alex Jay Hyer, William Brazelton
Margin of Licensed Dog and Cat Populations and Adoptions from Animal Shelters in Utah Counties in 2013-2014
Marli Stevens, Tom Cova
Identification of Components of Visual Circuits Within the Cerebral Cortex of Primates
Hanna Larsen
Do Children Affect an Abused Parent's Choice to Seek Treatment?
Emily Stephens
The Human Microbiome
Annwin Chen
Climate Change Influence on Plant Phenology
Jolene Marie Hess
Energy Recovery from Pressure Retarded Osmosis
John Fisher
Computer Simulation of Electrocardiograms for Arrhythmia Diagnosis
Brianna Alejandra Kindall, Rob MacLeod, Jess Tate
Examining the Use of Exoticism as Pedagogy in Schumann’s Album for the Young
Cynthia Chen
Interactions between PPxY Motifs in AMOT and WW Domains in NEDD4L Function in Viral Budding
Tuscan Thompson, Steven L. Alam, Wesley I. Sundquist
Investigating Methane Emissions in the Salt Lake Valley: An Atmospheric Inverse Study
Byron Eng, John Lin, Arlyn Andrews, Logan Mitchell, Ryan Bares, Derek Mallia, Kirk Thoning, Daniel Mendoza
Investigation of CO2 Capture by Nanotubes Using Thermogravimetric Analysis
Shalauna Thompson
Analysis of Intra-Abdominal Pressure in Women during Exercise
Johanna Day de Gennaro, Tanner Coleman, Nadia Hamad, Janet Shaw, Ingrid Nygaard, Robert Hitchcock
Testing of a Microfluidic Device for Cell Separation
Naveen Rathi, Bruce Gale
Immune Response to Native American Antidiarrheals
Joe Fuell, Ben Tasevac, Randon Gruninger, Michael S Bennett, Daniel T Leung
Hyaluronan-based sustained delivery of Besifloxacin to the eyes
Shirley Luo, Hee-Kyoung Lee, Barbara Wirostko
Verification of C++ Programs
Jonathan Bennion Whitaker
Characterizing the Biochemical Requirements for the TRP Precursor of the bps Signal
Ashlee Danielle Burton
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Wade Eric Mather
Microbial Communities and Metabolic Potential in Sites of Continental Serpentinization
Emily Dart
Blueberry metabolites at physiological relevant concentrations do not affect angiogenesis in human aortic endothelial cells.
Brett Cutler, Jie Shi Chua, Kuberan Balagurunathan, Anandh Babu Pon Velayutham
Understanding Dynamic Motions Involved in the Photocycle of Photoactive Yellow Protein
Wyatt Zagorec-Marks
The genetic basis of the piebald phenotype in domestic pigeons
Tennyson Michael George, Marissa Burton, Eric Domyan, Mike Shapiro
Study of Proton Pumping by Incorporation of a Genetically Encoded Infrared Probe
Jonathan Greenhalgh
The Best of Both Habits: John Stuart Mill, William Wordsworth, and the Power of Poetry
Nathan Edward Porter
Reanalyzing "Backward" Gemination in Italian
Mykel Loren Brinkerhoff
The Milky Way’s Neighbor: Chemical composition of ultra-faint dwarf galaxy Boötes I
Julie Imig, Inese Ivans, Deric Session
Assessment of exercise-stimulated tissue oxygenation in calf muscle with functional MRI
Andy Renz
A Study of Optimized Loading of Thermoacoustic Stirling Heat Engines
Philip Charles Simon
Macaque Monkey V2 Thick Stripes Receive V1 Input from Layer 2/3 Blob/Interblob Borders
Anny Pham, Jeffrey Thomas Yarch, Frederick Federer, Alessandra Angelucci
Evaluation lab-scale plug loads
Hansel Halverson
The Influence of El Niño on marine mammal abundance and human habitation of coastal Baja California, Mexico: Evidence from Abrigo de los Escorpiones.
John Doyle
Gay Families in the 1950s: “Don’t we Count?”
Holly Reynolds
A Proposal for Legislation: How To Reduce Recidivism Rates Among Utah Female Offenders
Hadley Hege
Regulation of Zyxin with Altered Hemodynamics in the Developing Chick Heart
Alexander Jones
Integrating Floating-Point Values into the Boogie and SMACK Languages
Dietrich Geisler
Person Specific Control System for Adaptive Equipment in Recreational Therapy
Nicolas N Brown, Andrew Merryweather, Matthew Koplin, Paige DaBell, Keith Schendel
Innovative Engineering to Improve the Quality of Life for Individuals with High Level Spinal Cord Injury
Nicolas N Brown, Andrew S Merryweather, John Lilquist, Ross Imburgia
Axl Inhibitors for the Treatment of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Camila Esposito, Jill Shea, Hannah Beal, Courtney Scaife
Predicting Orbital Properties of High Velocity Stars Near the Galactic Center
Troy Joseph Raen, Benjamin Bromley, Anil Seth
Utah's Pathways to Higher Education: A Quantitative Analysis
Tyler McDaniel
Synthesis of ZNA Analogues and Bicyclic Guanidines
Dan Kurek
Survey of Microbiology Education in Nursing
Alexa Brooks, Alexa Doig, Robert Durrant, JoAnn Fenn
Tactile Stimulation Device for Training Human Amputees to Recognize Activation of Different Sensory Afferents during Utah Slanted Electrode Array Stimulation
Kacey Gao, David Page, Gregory Clark
Soluble Pollutant Concentrations in Fog Water during a Cold Air Pool in the Salt Lake Valley
Will Howard, C David Whiteman
Validation of Force Pedals for Bilateral Strength Deficiency Testing
David Bennion
Jess Esplin
Experiences of Immigrant Women Who Applied for Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) self-petition: Analysis of Legal Affidavits
Monica Scott, Akiko Kamimura, Lenora Olson
Preferential Breakpoints in the Recovery of Broken Dicentric Chromosomes in Drosophila melanogaster
Hunter James Hill
The Local Food Movement: Neighborhood Factors Influencing Community Garden Participation in Salt Lake City
Christianna Johnson
Development of computational strategies for improved environmental simulations of water and energy balances, air quality, and building energy use
Jeppesen Garcia Feliciano
Near-Field Thermoreflectance Thermomemtry
Cedric Shaskey
Ultrasensitive Magnetometer Simulations using COMSOL
Ming Gao
Community Engaged Learning: An Essential Part of Gender Studies and Social Science Curricula
Kristine Bowser, Trieste Palmer, Alexa Pazell, Alexa Adams, Leni Solis, Elizabeth Pitman
Coherence of the Subthalamic Nucleus and the Motor Cortex in a Hemi-parkinsonian Rat Model and the Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation
Christian Polar, Gabrielle Leah Hoyer
A Real-World Investigation of the Attentional Capture Paradigm
Patrick Clemens Stewart
Knockdown IL1-R1 and TNF-R1 Genes in Bovine Intervertebral Discs using CRISPRi
Ali Amelia Eisenbeiss
Group-Strength vs. Individual Effort
Casey Susan Koldewyn, Vic Schiffman, Adriana Haws, Shaylee Tulane
Barriers to Adequate Healthcare for Trans and Gender Nonconforming People
Kira Kiko Lian
Biophysical Characterization of DNA Interactions by the Methyl-CpG Binding Protein Kaiso
Ben Berger, Marta W. Szulik, Bethany A. Buck-Koehntop
Chemical Compositions of Planet-Harboring Stars in M67
Parker Hinckley Holzer
Guided Wave Environmental Compensation with Big Data Sets
Ben Posch
FOREFRONT: Leading Collaborative Architectural Practice
Michael Hoehn, Diego Arnoldo Garrido
Grand-Map: A High Dimensional Grand Tour Map
zhimin li, shusen Liu, Paul Rosen, Valerio Pascucci
Characterization of the Atmosphere above the Telescope Array using the MDFD 2010 Data Set
Jonathan Whittier Boyle, Gordon Thomson, Gabriel Madigan, JiHee Kim
Treating Dual Diagnosis by Addressing the Genesis of Self-Sabotage
Anastasia Najarian, Raymond Kesner, Jeanine Stefanucci
Host sex plays a role in virulence and transmission dynamics of friend virus complex in wild-derived mice
Chloe P Young, Wayne K Potts
Improving inhibitor selectivity in non-small cell lung cancer in never-smokers through computational model guided screening
Amber D Bowler, Thomas O'Hare, Michael Deininger, Nadeem Vellore, Anthony Pomicter, Matthew Zabriskie
Cooperative Primers : Intersecting Spherical Model for Optimization of Linker and Gap Lengths
Masen Chad Christensen
Dynamic Autophagy in the Insulin Resistant Heart
Kathryn Lami
Structural analysis of the human BAP1:HCF-1 interaction
Daniel T Hansen
CRISPR-Based Sequence-Specific Endongenous Down-Regulation to Drive Osteogenesis in Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
Hunter Levis
Use of CRISPR genome-editing technology to promote osteogenic differentiation in human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hAD-MSCs)
Bryton Davis, Niloofar Farhang, Robby Bowles
Cold Temperature Performance of Phase Change Material Based Battery Thermal Management System
Kristina Danielle Lundgren, Brandon Day
Resettlement experiences of children who entered the United States as refugees
Elizabeth Gamarra
Introduction of the Q System into Mammalian Synthetic Biology
Adrian Shimpi, Tara Deans
Identifying the genes that contribute to hybrid male sterility in D. pseudoobscura
Alysha Marie Scheeler, Nitin Phadnis
Treatment of Osteomyelitis Using Locally Administered Vancomycin in an In-vivo Rat Model
Caroline Jia Wang

Utah State University

Spatial Ability Training in Statics
Steven David Wood, Wade H Goodridge, Benjamin James Call
May Swenson: The Development of a Legacy
Marissa Shirley
ARAKNIPRINT: 3D Printing of Synthetic Spider Silk to Produce Biocompatible and Resorbable Biomaterials
Robert Chase Spencer, Ashley Lynn Ruben, Brianne Eileen Bell, Craig Soelberg, Thomas Harris, Dan Gil, Randolph V. Lewis
Survey of Plant Diseases and Pests in Utah Raspberries
Sean M Christensen
How's your Aspen? Assessing the Variance in Stomatal Size and Frequency among Cytotypes of Quaking Aspen
Brianne Palmer
Sexual-Spiritual Development: An Integration Process of Homosexuality and Spirituality among Non-Heterosexual Latter-day Saint Men in Mixed-Orientation Marriages
Bret John Nielson
Energy Regulations and Economic Recovery from the Great Recession
Jadyn Naylor, Jacob Caldwell, Michael Jensen
Barriers to Health Care Access for the Cache County Refugee Population
Michael Timo Hoggard
Optimization of Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins with Bio-oil and Amino Acid Residues
Scott Lyle, Michael Castle
Stakeholder Perceptions on Values and Vulnerabilities in Wasatch Mountain Communities
Kent Taylor Dean, Courtney Flint
Dammed if you do: Solving Utah's water problem
Brian Isom
Management for Game Species can Positively Impact Reptiles and Amphibians in Artificial Wetlands.
Kristopher Pedersen
Contradictory Conservation Policies on the Upper Snake River
Brooke Lofthouse
Benefit Corporations: A New Take on Capitalism
Hannah Winward
An Ethical Analysis of the Early Drug War Rhetoric
Zack Oldroyd
Dietary supplementation with tart cherries for prevention 
of inflammation-associated colorectal cancer in mice
Ashli Hunter, Deanna Larson, Sumira Phatak, Abby Benninghoff
Cache Valley Jail Sentence Length Study
Jordan Floyd, Ian Nemelka, Jason Dahlin
Women and Economic Freedom
Josh Smith, Megan Hansen, Ryan Yonk
Meta-analysis Comparison of Computer-based Scaffolding Targeting Individuals versus Groups in Complex Problem Solving
Lindi Andreasen, Nam Ju Kim, Brian Belland, Mason Lefler, Andrew Walker
Sense of Community in High School Extracurricular Activities
Erica Michelle Hawvermale
Optimizing the Growth of Retinal Epithelial Cells
Harshit Singh, Lori Caldwell, Jennifer Ban, Elizabeth Vargis, Randy Lewis
Sylvia Plath: A Study in Adolescent Influences
Millie Tullis
The Impact of Farm Ties on Concern for Climate Change
Jordan Kamuela Okalani Risley
Roles of TRIL in Nodal signaling during Xenopus development
Hannah N Wagner
Synthesizing and transcribing RNA for Crystallization
Katie Robinson
Matthew J Barnett
Fighting Fire with Fire
Camille Harmer, Devin Stein
The Ethics of Global vs. Domestic Charity: The Case of Cotopaxi
Satenik Cherbechyan
Characterization of the Shigella flexneri Type Three Secretion System (T3SS) ATPase Spa47
Jamie Kingsford
A meta-analysis of computer-based scaffolding in sub-domains of mathematics and science
Brett Whitney, Mason Lefler, Lindi Andreasen, Brian Belland, Nam Ju Kim, Andrew Walker
Trauma and Touch: Apprehension of Touch in Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma
Danielle Christensen
Domestic Violence in Mass Media: An Analysis of Messages, Images, & Meanings in Motion Pictures
Renee Delcambre
Utah Water Voices
Zack Oldroyd, Phillip Andre Valle, Alexander Brown, Charles Mascher, Elizabeth Wynn, Courtney Flint
Impact of Age on Water Shortage Concern
Viviane Smita Baji
Statistical analysis of organic non-chemical weed controls on peach tree fruit yield
Gaia Jonelle Nafziger, Jennifer Reeve, Mae Culumber, Brent Black
Student Development Pipeline - Strata Case Study
Emily Orr, Riley Michaelsen, Boston Peine, Logan Hemmert
Raining Cheatgrass: Predicting Annual Growth of Bromus tectorum from Weather Trends in the Great Basin
Eric Sodja
Genetic modification of E coli for resveratrol biosynthesis
Chad Skidmore
How has the Affordable Care Act impacted the implementation of telehealth programs in isolated rural areas?
Joshua Thomas Blotter, Chris Fawson
Does the Diet of the Coqui Frog Change Over the Course of the Day?
Arthur Wallis, Robyn Smith, Karen Beard
Antibiotics in Our Own Backyard
Bailee Dee Bird

Utah Valley University

Embryo optimization of Ocimum basilicum using kinetin
Jessica Rochelle Harris
Temporal and Spatial Variations of Trace Metal Loading to Utah Lake
Hannah Peterson
High Frequency Ultrasound (20-80 MHZ) for Analyzing Breast Cancer Surgical Margins and Lymph Node: A 73 Patient Surgical Study
Amy LaFond, Caitlin Carter, Robyn Omen, Timothy Doyle
Cytoskeletal properties of cell cultures using high-frequency ultrasound
Caitlin Carter, Amy Fairbrother, Ashley Behan
Teamwork Skill Development in a Guided Inquiry Environment
Michael Rhees, Brett Jackson, Jeffrey Keller, Erika Martinez, Dallin Ollerton, Zachary Pierson, Michael Rhees, Ethan Rowbury, Victor Warr, Alexander Whatcott, Damaris Zarco Gonzalez, Matthew Horn, Heather Wilson-Ashworth
Janelle Gherasim
Female Early Childhood Pornography Exposure: An Exploration and Comparison
Lacy Ann Bentley, Cameron John
Empowerment Through Body Ownership: Experiences of Disaffiliating and Formerly Mormon Women
Bethany L Gull
Quitting and Well-being Among Utah Firefighters
Ron J Hammond, Danni Katherine Petersen
How project ASL can change the way of rescuing in the EMS field
Abdulrahman Sulaiman Almasoudi
Comparing the Adjustment Patterns Between Early Returned LDS Missionaries and Full-term Missionaries
Lacy Bentley, Scott May, Malisa Brooks, Dr. Kristine Doty
Examining Leadership of the Global Millennial Generation in the Workplace
Sean Costello, Jon Westover
Novel Organic Compound Synthesis to Impact NF-kB and STAT3 Pathways
Karsten Arthur Eastman
Comprehensive Species List of Insects in Capitol Reef National Park
Mary Vallecillo, Robert Erickson, Thomas Heath Ogden
Parameletus columbiae Genome (Ephemeroptera)
Dustin Miller, T. Heath Ogden
Phylogeny of Ameletopsidae (Ephemeroptera – Mayflies): Carnivores of the Southern Hemisphere
Jacob Grant Robinson, T. Heath Ogden
Phylogenetic Relationships of Mayfly Family Baetidae (Ephemeroptera)
Bryson Carrier, T. Heath Ogden
Exploring Perfectionism and Latter-day Saint Religiosity
James McGraw, Zachary Pope
The Read-a-Difference Fellowship: A pilot study on childhood motivation to read
James McGraw
Consistency of Values, Beliefs and Actions
Lauren Michelle Bray, Camron Robinson
Detecting malignant tissue during breast cancer surgery with high-frequency ultrasound: Results from a 17-patient study
Robyn Kira Omer, Timothy E Doyle
Evolution of Protective Square Gills in Caenoidea Mayflies
Dalton Kendall Brady, T. Heath Ogden
Evaluating Fashion Fluency
Joshua Kurtis Brown, Barton Poulson, Russel T Warne, Steven C Clark
Monomyth Mountain: Hans Castorp and the Hero Quest
Jacob Leo Boothe
Russia’s Imitation Act through Don Quixote
Madeline Fowers Baum
Problem Solving Skill Development in a Guided Inquiry Environment
Zach Pierson, Michael Rhees, Brett Jackson, Jeffery Keller, Erika Martinez, Dallin Ollerton, Ethan Rowbury, Victor Warr, Alexander Whatcott, Damaris Zarco Gonzalez, Matthew Horn, Heather Wilson-Ashworth
A Weekend in the Wild: The Effects of Nature on Creativity
Cinimin Kofford
Organogenesis Studies in Thai Pepper
Yudi Glen Medrano, Chris Tingey, Olga Kopp
Using Self-Reported Negative Emotions to Predict Key Health and Weight Measures Among College Student
Ting-yi Vicky Liao, Ron Hammond
Learner-centered Teaching in Online Technology Class
Angela Platt, Cheryl Hanewicz
RDBMS Construction with Secondary Indices
Curtis Welborn, Jason Hamner
An in depth review of the phytochemistry and ethnopharmacology of Tridax procumbens
Samantha R Beck, Heather Mathison, Toma Todorov
Using the development of problem solving and teamwork skills as predictors of student retention and course completion in science course.
Preston Stratford
Phylogeny of Mayfly Subfamily Ecdyonurinae (Heptageniidae: Ephemeroptera)
Ishaah Talker, T. Heath Ogden
Battling Boredom during the Utah War: Entertainment in Camp Floyd and Fairfield, 1858-1861
Debra Fotheringham
Weight Management Differences Between Emerging Adults and Adults
Jackie Hobson, Christopher Anderson
Socrates and the Dionysian Abyss
Jacob Leo Boothe
Using Eye-Tracking to Understand Efficacy of Digital and Static Outdoor Advertisements
Brandon I Reas, Paul Dishman
Transforming the Classroom: Can the Use of Technology Function as a Learning Tool
Brynna Mikae Boettcher, Joshua Kurtis Brown, Camille Knaphus, Claudia Lieberwirth
Therapy on Wheels
Ben Arciniega
Accuracy in Predicting Personal BMI Category Among College Students
Ryan Roberts, Chris Anderson, Ron Hammond
Weight Gain and Gender Differences in the “Freshman Fifteen”
Renae Elizabeth Higginson, Ryan Roberts, Jackie Hobson, Chris Anderson
Lyme disease: Potential connections between Serum Amyloid A (SAA) levels, Lyme disease biofilm and Alzheimer’s disease webbing: A review
Mariel Katherine Hatch, Emily A Holt, Olga R Kopp
Micro-Tumor Detectability Studies using Histology Mimicking Phantoms: Evaluating the Sensitivity of High-Frequency Ultrasound to Breast Cancer
Nicole Cowan, Zachary A. Coffman, Robyn K. Omer, Benjamin Finch, Timothy E. Doyle
Phantom Results Strongly Correlate to a 73-Patient High-Frequency Ultrasound Study of Breast Cancer Surgical Margins
Zachary A. Coffman, Nicole Cowan, Timothy E. Doyle
HRM-PCR Analysis of Mosquito Blood Meals to Identify Blood Source
carmen darinka zapata
Developing a High-Resolution Melt Assay to Identify Mosquito Blood Meals
William Bradford York
Difference in strength, lateral deficit, quad/hamstring ratio, and balance between the young and elderly
Dustin Allen Davenport, McCall Halvorson, Ryan Peck, Robert Lyman, Michael Bohne, Robert D Sawyer
Novel, Low-cost, Solar Thermal, Phase Change, Air Compressor for Clean, Sustainable, Renewable Electricity Generation
Kevin Shurtleff, Colin Manitoken, Preston Eyre
Waste and Cost Reduction by Reprocessing Used Motor Oil into a Synthetic Diesel Fuel
Kevin Shurtleff, Ryan Bernal, Christian Fullmer
(Dis)Ability and Homosexuality: Exploring the Rhetoric of Non-Normative Identities
Joshua David Halsey
Words and World-View in Feminist Thought: How Religion Informs Women’s Internal Dialogue.
Elizabeth Anne Jarrard
Laboratory Test of the Theoretical Foundation of the Accelerated Erosion Model for Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater
Katie Merten, Mark Christiansen, Eric Hadley, Marissa Keck, Jacob Siebach
The prevalence of Disordered eating among college students
Marie Jones, Ryan Roberts
Effects of Latter Day Saint missions on weight
Chris Anderson, Danni Katherine Petersen, Ryan Roberts, Ron J Hammond
Rebuilding the Shree Shakti Elementary Schhol of Gorkha
Sagar Basnet

Weber State University

George E. Wahlen Veterans Home- A Community
Jane Bashford
Return with Honor Veterans Home
Candace Beata Ross
The Use of Lighter-Than-Air, and Wind-Powered Airfoil Platforms to Take Aerial Photography
Hailey Hanson
The George Wahlen Veterans Home Renovation
Hassan Al Quraish
Utah’s UFOs: An Alien Viewpoint
Christina Summers, John Silito
Purposeful Living
Bridget L Larsen
Mobile Elemental Power Plant II (MEPP II) Research Project
John Philip Garrett
Synergistic Effects of Polyoxometalates and Antibiotics against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
Katie Wilkinson, Tyler Wilkinson, Candace Adamson, Matthew Nicholaou
A Study of Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Utah
Michael Scott Rodgers
The Untold Story of how one State chose to Move Away from Sex Offender Residency Restrictions
Shanice Gipson, Monica Williams
Acute and Chronic Effects of Selenium on the Brine Shrimp Artemia franciscana
Jessica Anne deJong, Nicole Berthelemy
Transforming Utah: Focusing on How Transgender Persons Negotiate Their Identities
Mathew Cameron Walker, Kylee Hallows, Colleen Packer
Determination of treatments to reduce late gassy defect in cheese due to Lactobacillus wasatchensis contamination
Isaac Bowen, Craig Oberg, Michele Culumber
Self-Compassion and its Effects on Physical Pain Response
Parker Hughes, Tahne Vongsavath, Tyson Bryant, Shannon McGillivray
Introverts and Extroverts Physiological and Behavioral Responses to Aggression
Emma Mark, Preston L. Bradley, David Sleight, Monika Sahleen, McKenna Hansen, Shannon McGillivray
Actual and Perceived Effectiveness of Mnemonics among Traditional and Non-traditional Students
Cassity R. Haverkamp, Blake Tubbs, Shannon McGillivray
Classification of Bacteriophage Isolated from the Great Salt Lake using Electron Microscopy
Brent Donald Nelson
Stakeholder Perception of K-12 Education Mission Fulfillment: An evaluation of DaVinci Academy
Hayley Lynn Tomney, Pamela B. Payne

Westminster College

The Tomb of Francois de Halluin
Avenel Kaitlyn Rolfsen, Ashleigh Albrechtsen
People on the Periphery: The Situation of Jewish Women in North Africa during World War II
Avenel Kaitlyn Rolfsen
Urbanization effects on Soil Communities and Plant Agriculture
Brandon Damaso Cook
Decreasing ethanol production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae through mutagenesis of alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme
Bryant Lo Re, Will Deutschman
Determination of Sugar Metabolism Profiles for Non-Traditional Brewing Yeasts of the Genus Brettanomyces
Kent Christian Johnson, William A. Deutschman
Crop Pest Communities Along an Urban Gradient
Mena Davidson, Christy Clay, Julianna Jimreivat, Daniel Goodman
Photoprotective Adaptations of Halophilic Archaea
Dan Jones
Microbial Diversity of Culinary Salts
Galen Muske, Bonnie Baxter
Where Fantasy Meets Reality: Commercial Sex Work in the 21st Century
Amanda Cecilia Howa, Han Kim, Fernando Rivero
Environmental Influences of Methylmercury Photo-Degradation Rates at the Great Salt Lake
Christopher Mansfield, Frank Black
Comparison and Trends of Mercury Concentrations in Brine Flies and Spiders at the Great Salt Lake
Josh Nole Schmidt
DNA Detection in Salt
Brett Denney, Edgar Chavez, Bonnie Baxter
A retrospective study of the pro-coagulants rFVIIa, 4-factor PCC, and a rFVIIa and 3-factor PCC cocktail in improving bleeding outcomes in the warfarin and non-warfarin patient
Emma DeLoughery, Brian Avery, Thomas DeLoughery

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