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UCUR 2016 A dashboard for health information exchange between poison control centers and emergency departments: the poison control center view Abstract
Haley Hanseler
UCUR 2016 A Framework for Validating Modeled Air Quality Data in Health Research Abstract
Nicole Burnett
UCUR 2016 A meta-analysis of computer-based scaffolding in sub-domains of mathematics and science Abstract
Brett Whitney, Mason Lefler, Lindi Andreasen, Brian Belland, Nam Ju Kim, Andrew Walker
UCUR 2016 A Microfluidic Device for Oxygen Quantitation in Anoxic Environments Abstract
Lohra Mickelle Miller
UCUR 2016 A Proposal for Legislation: How To Reduce Recidivism Rates Among Utah Female Offenders Abstract
Hadley Hege
UCUR 2016 A Real-World Investigation of the Attentional Capture Paradigm Abstract
Patrick Clemens Stewart
UCUR 2016 A retrospective study of the pro-coagulants rFVIIa, 4-factor PCC, and a rFVIIa and 3-factor PCC cocktail in improving bleeding outcomes in the warfarin and non-warfarin patient Abstract
Emma DeLoughery, Brian Avery, Thomas DeLoughery
UCUR 2016 A Scientific Study Determining Variables Affecting Metal Oxide Oxidation States Coloring High Fire Ceramic Art Glazes. Abstract
Victoria Willard
UCUR 2016 A Study of Optimized Loading of Thermoacoustic Stirling Heat Engines Abstract
Philip Charles Simon
UCUR 2016 A Study of Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Utah Abstract
Michael Scott Rodgers
UCUR 2016 A Wearable Piezoresistive Interface to Virtual Reality Abstract
Shawn M LeBaron, Adin Martineau, Benjamin Hilton, Sarah Fletcher, Anton E Bowden, David T Fullwood
UCUR 2016 A Weekend in the Wild: The Effects of Nature on Creativity Abstract
Cinimin Kofford
UCUR 2016 Accuracy in Predicting Personal BMI Category Among College Students Abstract
Ryan Roberts, Chris Anderson, Ron Hammond
UCUR 2016 Actual and Perceived Effectiveness of Mnemonics among Traditional and Non-traditional Students Abstract
Cassity R. Haverkamp, Blake Tubbs, Shannon McGillivray
UCUR 2016 Acute and Chronic Effects of Selenium on the Brine Shrimp Artemia franciscana Abstract
Jessica Anne deJong, Nicole Berthelemy
UCUR 2016 Acute methamphetamine induces reactive oxygen species formation in dopamine terminals of the nucleus accumbens Abstract
Taylor Heinzlmeir
UCUR 2016 An Application of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth to non­Western European Myths Abstract
Patrick Lynch
UCUR 2016 An Ethical Analysis of the Early Drug War Rhetoric Abstract
Zack Oldroyd
UCUR 2016 An in depth review of the phytochemistry and ethnopharmacology of Tridax procumbens Abstract
Samantha R Beck, Heather Mathison, Toma Todorov
UCUR 2016 Analysis of catalysts to carbon nanotube growth on medical-grade stainless steel Abstract
Kent Williams, Anton E. Bowden, Brian D. Jensen, Tracy W. Nelson
UCUR 2016 Analysis of Intra-Abdominal Pressure in Women during Exercise Abstract
Johanna Day de Gennaro, Tanner Coleman, Nadia Hamad, Janet Shaw, Ingrid Nygaard, Robert Hitchcock
UCUR 2016 Antibacterial Carbon-Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Coatings on Surgical Blades Abstract
Jaclyn Johns
UCUR 2016 Antibiotics in Our Own Backyard Abstract
Bailee Dee Bird
UCUR 2016 Applied Behavioral Analysis Intervention: Improving the Social Functions of Patients with Dementia Abstract
Cassie Shurie Demke, John Pugliese
UCUR 2016 Applying Chemical Reactions to Calculations of Atmospheric Dispersion of a Toxic Chemical in Air Abstract
Loren Atwood
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