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Brigham Young University

Expression and characterization of the oat CslF6 mixed-linkage glucan synthase
Alexander E Chu, Ian M Lake, Nicholas Baker, Jason D Kenealey
The Effects of Climate Change on the Psychological Development on Young Adults
Sin To
The Influence of Infant and Maternal Serotonin Transporter Gene on Anxious Temperament in Rhesus Macaques (Macacca mulatta)
Natalie Lange, Elizabeth Passey, James Higley, Alexander Baxter
Is MafB sufficient to enhance functional β-Cell mass?
Aaron Leifer
Ocular Lens Engineering: A Regenerative Approach to Correcting Visual Impairments
Dallin Busby
Solar Bricks: Harnessing the Energy of Unused Space
Tanner Hoyt
Mother and Infant Serotonin Transporter Genotype: The Effect on Infant Rhesus Macaque Serotonin and Dopamine Metabolites
Jenna Jackson, Angie Willoughby, Elizabeth Wood, Dr. James Dee Higley
Exploration of the Upper Mass Limit of CRAFTI Through Protein Cross-Sectional Analysis
Brigham Pope, David Dearden
Pre-service Teachers’ Knowledge of English Learners Revealed in an Examination of Case Studies
Jenna Leigh Granados, Stefinee Pinnegar, Linda Turner, Celina Lay, Sarah Witt
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Ventral Hippocampus and Prophylactic Treatment
Morgan D Homan, Jeffrey G Edwards, Roxanne M Miller, Jake Peterson, Tanner Ellsworth, Zoie Badura, Zachary Cowan
Inducing polyploidization in Penstemon
Nathan Joseph Ricks
Research Assistant
Chris David Anderson, Nathan Ricks, Sarah Harrison, Robert Johnson, Mikel R. Stevens
Using nursing research to identify vulnerabilities and promote healthy communities: A descriptive study of 2,350 sexual assault victims
J. Holden Brimhall, Sage Williams, Julie Valentine
Stimulated Recall: An Introspective Method for Supporting Teacher Learning
Norma Leticia Villanueva, Allyson Lybbert, Maddison Clare, Stefinee Pinnegar
Exercise Can Mitigate the Negative Effects of Increased Corticosterone due to Stress on Hippocampal LTP
Matthew Gremillion, Roxanne M Miller, Tyler Hammond, Zoie Badura, David Marriott, Jacob Trotter, Dane Lyman
Inherent Sensitivity to Ethanol in Rhesus Macaques with Low CSF Concentrations of the Serotonin Metabolite 5- Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid
Elizabeth Passey, Ryno Kruger, Angus Bennion, Bradley M Cooke, Melanie L Schwandt, Stephen G Lindell, Christina S Barr, Stephen J Suomi, James Dee Higley
Measuring Up: Engineering Stronger and Faster Cardiomyocytes
Kaitlyn J. McEntire, Toph Knutson, Hunter Behrmann, Dillon Despain, Gevan Eldredge, Matthew Hodgson, Clayton Holding, Abbie Kondel, Ryan Goodman, Joshua McClellan, Michael Neff, Donnie Pfeifer, Jacob Preslar, Joseph Rich, Matthew Stephens, Matthew Trone, Sam Worrall
Learning Environment Fostered By Student-Mentor Interactions
Ryan Jensen, Amanda Nielson, Casey Klein, Jonathon J Wisco
Avenanthramides: Determining the Pathway of Novel Chemotherapeutics
Jordan Hastings, Jason Kenealey
Quantitative analysis of resveratrol induced p53 and proapoptotic gene expression through cytosolic calcium signaling using CRISPR-Cas 9 gene knockout in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells
Austin James Eells
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine- Applications of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Treating Diabetes
Jayson Kemble
Assessment of the Impact of Antibiotic Use in Livestock on Staphylococcus aureus Prevalence and Antimicrobial Resistance
Benjamin Haws
Increased tumor burden in lupus-prone mice after carcinogen treatment
Vera Mayhew, KalareLyn Eberting, Caleb Cornaby, Brian Poole
Can we replace Receiver Operating Characteristic curves with a more intuitive classification metric?
Shelby Lynne Taylor
Antibacterial Polymer Molding of Carbon Infiltrated Carbon Nanotubes
Andrew James Cunningham, Brian Jensen, Anton Bowden
Clinical Characterization of the Three Principle Forms of Multiple Sclerosis
Scott Gary Frodsham
Polymer Coated Urea in Kentucky Bluegrass: Optimal Timing and Rate of Application
Eric Shipp
Nerve Growth Factor and Lysophosphatidylcholine in Peripheral Nerve Repair
Keaton Karlinsey, Kayden Barber, Evan Bogdan
Nerve Growth Factor and Lysophosphatidylcholine in Peripheral Nerve Repair
Keaton Karlinsey, Austin Thompson, Sarah Coffin, Alonzo Cook
Multiple NGF Treatments Enhance Regeneration in Peripheral Nerves
Keaton Karlinsey, Mark Rigby, Whitney Harris, Alonzo Cook
Determining the Role of CEBP/α in Functional β-cell Mass
Courtney Smith, Jeffery Tessem
Metabolism of Trypanosoma brucei Using Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Biosensors
Andrew Halterman, Charles Voyton, Kenneth Christensen
Unlocking the Key to Height through Shawn Bradley’s SNP Combination
Meganne Nichole Ferrel
Examining the Potential Role of GPR18 and GPR119 in Learning and Memory
James Andrew Kranewitter-Call, Brandon Anderson, Katrina Hurst, Thomas Jarman, Nathan Feil, Lindsey Friend, Jeffrey Edwards
Genomewide prediction of jasmonate-related and tissue-specific cis elements and their cognate transcription factors in Nicotiana Attenuata
Ashton Omdahl
Comparative Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Fluorescence Imaging of Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Jaron Joseph Lundwall, Blaise Hill
Comparative Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Fluorescence Imaging of Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Trevor Davis, Travis Bloomfield
Using FRET Flow Cytometry for analyzing glucose metabolism in Trypanosoma brucei
Parker Evans, Charles Voyton, Kenneth Christensen
Progress towards the synthesis of a desmethyl Englerin A analog
Edward Pimentel, Merritt Andrus, David Wilcox
Sunflower, Solar Panels, and Beeswax; Improving Solar Power for the Developing World
Ivyann Oveson
Why Free School Is Not Free Education: Studying in Africa
Ivyann Oveson
Extrusion of Guests from Cucurbit[5]uril Hosts in the Gas Phase
Samuel McDowell Hickenlooper
Use of Second Harmonic Generation in Nondestructive Evaluation of Aluminum Alloys
Alex Farnsworth, Shawn Averett, Kaylee Rellaford, James Patterson
Toward an anthropological perspective on women’s pornography use
Andrea Rane
Isothermal titration calorimetry: a novel approach to toxicity screening
Shantel Sanders
Multiple NGF Treatments Enhance Regeneration in Peripheral Nerves
Keaton Karlinsey, Traeden Wilson, Kirk Harter, Matthew Pettit, Alonzo Cook
Adoption of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer in Electric Vehicles
Carsten Douglas Christensen
Nondestructive Testing with Second Harmonic Generation
Scott Dee Smith
RAB10 Gene: The Future of Alzheimer's Prevention
Keni Howard Keau Reid, John Kauwe
Sequencing and Annotation of 12 Bacteriophage Genomes To Aid In Discovering a Treatment For Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Spencer Todd Bagley
Interspecific Hybridization within Penstemon and their Potential Uses in Urban Landscapes
Sarah Harrison, Wesley Crump, Bryson Ensign, Eva Carlock, Mikel Stevens
"Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.": Matilda the Musical through a Feminist Lens
Kristin Perkins, Christopher Muratore, Dariya Smith
Fringe Visibility and Which-Way Information: Duality Relations
Richard Dean Barney, Jean-Francois Van Huele
It's a Hard Rock Life: The Structure of Immigrant Mining Families and the Role of Children in Utah
Altheda Marie Geurts
3D printed vascular grafts for surgical and tissue engineering applications
Sarah Livingston
CslF6: Measuring Catalytics
Ian McAllister Lake
The Effects of Time, Gender, and Hydration on Intra-scan Repeatability in Neuroimaging Studies
Christopher Cutler, Nate Muncy, Ariana Muncy, Josh Tate, Trevor Huff, Brock Kirwan, Erin Bigler
Making Photomagnetism Practical
Tanner Norton
Thalamic Volume Changes in Child TBI Brains
Madison Bess Unson, Robert Marshall Brown, Nathan Muncy, Erin Bigler, Jonathan Wisco
Algorithmic Extraction of Multiple Sclerosis Medication History
Dylan Manneing Rowe, Shayla Anne Draper
Inference Demands of Passages in One Core Reading Program and Three Common Core Assessments
Timothy G Morrison, Erica Murdoch, Lauren Bird
Response of the Acute and Chronic Phases of Social Separation Vary by Age: A Rhesus Macaque Model (Macaca mulatta) of Aging and Depression
Travis J. Norseth
In Silico Discovery of a Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitor for Influenza Viruses
Gregory Alan Mohl, David Busath
Bacterial Vitamin B6 Metabolism Promotes Drosophila melanogaster Lifespan on Calorie-Rich Diet
Melinda Koyle
Detection of Harmful Ligands Using a Cell-free Biosensor
Greg H Nielsen
Global Health Learning from Home? Finnish and BYU Nursing Students enrich their Experience
Tara E Yergensen, Leslie Miles
Development of a model for adult T cell leukemia in HTLV-1 infected humanized mice
Matthew Smith, Brad Berges, Kayleigh Ingersoll
Simulations of soot formation using a One-Dimensional Turbulence model
Sarah Ann Skousen
Soot Consumption
Neal Gaffin, Alexander Josephson, David Lignell
Effects of Strain on Twin Formation and Transmission Models Created Using Machine Learning Techniques
Andrew D Orme, David T Fullwood, Christophe Giraud-Carrier
Fusion Protein Biosensor for Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Conner Earl
NR4A Family as Transcription Factors in Normal and High Fat Conditions
Emily Barrett, Jeffery Tessem
Defining the interaction between HDAC1 and p15, regulators of β-cell proliferation
Kyle Bitter Kener
Perceptions of Value of Eyeglasses and Cataract Surgery Among Inhabitants of Southern Ghana
Hayden Doughty, Darius Baradaran, Jonathan Wisco
"Oh Come In, Equivocator": Filmic Representation of Equivocation in Shakespeare's Macbeth
Morgan Lewis
The Synergistic and Bactericidal Effects of Vancomycin, Bacteriophage, and Silver Nanoparticles against MRSA Biofilms
Matthew Esplin Conley
Calculating the Maximum Power Point
Christopher Running
Decreased Amygdala Activation in Ambivalent Marriages: an fMRI Investigation
Erin Kaseda, Wendy C. Birmingham, C. Brock Kirwan, Spencer J. Nielson, Malia Anderson, Zachary Blackhurst, Sean Aaron, Scott Braithwaite
Effect of Retinoid X Receptor Alpha on Beta Cell Proliferation, Survival, and Function
Adam Wynn
Effects and Mechanisms of β-cell Adaptation to Hyperlipidemia
Daniel Robert Lathen
Development in Socialization: Variations of the Self
Makenzie Haynes
Betatrophin activates components of the β-cell proliferation pathway
Samuel George Grover
Communicating Emotion Through Music
Brett Dagan Pielstick
Telisha Pantelakis
A Mental Health Look at LGBT Individuals of the LDS Faith
James Goates, Brett Campbell
Haunted Hospital: An Academic-Practice Partnership
Larissa Nicole Merrill
Gas Detection System for Biomass Cookstove Emissions
Jacob Matthew Thomas
Han and Heung in a Changing Culture
Bryce Nolan Mangelson
Family, Spirits, and Medicine: A Cultural-Psychological Approach to Ua Neeb
Madison Harmer
Role of KSHV viral Interleukin-6 in Cancer Development
Christian White Daniels
Lyophilized Cell-free Systems
Tyrel Curtis Hess
Effects of Social Setting, Rearing, and Genotype on Alcohol Consumption in Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatta)
Daniel A. Davies, Esther M. Page, Spencer J. Waters, Elizabeth K. Wood, Melanie L Schwandt, Stephen J. Suomi, Christina S. Barr, Stephen G. Lindell, J. Dee Higley
Comparative Sustainable Development: The Analysis of Contending Economic Approaches to Address Job Displacement from Technology Automation”
Eliza Riley
The Effects of Procyanidin Polymers on Diabetes
Alonzo Cook, Whitney Harris, Michael Bradshaw, Sara Werner, Ysabella Del Rosario, Bryan Witt
Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Michael Bradshaw, Ysabella Del Rosario, Sara Werner, Whitney Harris, Jeffrey Brown, Bryan Witt, Kryil Cole, Kody Hasebi
Genetic Mapping of a Bitter Saponin Production Gene in Quinoa
Ryan R Rupper, Eric N Jellen, Peter J Maughan
Effect of Formal Simulation Training on Perceptions of Students
Stacie Hunsaker, Joni Sierra Lybbert
Differentiation of Kidney progenitors using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Conditioned Media of Renal Cortical Tubular Epithelial Cells
Matthew Nielsen
Risk Factors of Human Trafficking in Uganda: The Qualitative Analysis of Victim and Community Conversation
Kaylee Taylor
Hierarchal Parcel Swapping (HiPS) – A Comprehensive Multiscale Subgrid Model for Turbulent Reacting Flows
Justin B Ward, David Lignell
Elizabeth Kerr, Donna Freeborn
Discovering Function through Fauna: A Faunal Analysis of a Fremont Structure
Amanda Beth Crandall
Nr0b2 and its role in Nkx6.1 mediated β-cell proliferation
Parker Lee Booren
Anatomy Academy: Helping Problem Student Engage in Learning
Amanda Ly Nielson
Engineering a Cancer-Specific Third Generation CAR Immunotherapy
Josie Tueller
Reducing Anemia Rates with Fortified Soymilk in Impoverished Ecuadorean Communities
Antonio Sebastian Romero
Viologen Catalyst for Carbohydrate Oxidation in Fuel Cell
Scott David Carter, Jenny Stevens, Randy Lewis
Association of Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease Development
Alexander Ashton Gosch, Mary Feller Davis
Evolution and origin of a large mud diapir in the Wilkins Peak Member of the Green River Formation
Jason Klimek, Samuel M Hudson
Progress Toward the Synthesis of Deoxypodophyllotoxin
Ben Rencher
Progress Towards the Synthesis of F4-4
Paul Joshua Hurst
Environmental and social tradeoffs of tilapia fish farming: a review of the literature
Clarissa Bons
Does social context and personality drive female mate choice in the livebearing fish Brachyraphis roseni?
Teya Rhane Mathews, Andrea Roth-Monzon, Jerald B. Johnson
A Protein Binding Assay for Copper Complexes
Steven Dee Walker
Water boatman of the Bonneville Basin: a phylogeographic study
Gavin Barry Butler

Dixie State University

Wandering Home: Depicting Alienation and Freedom in Fiction
Jennifer Violet Marsh
Investigating the Structure of Humic Acid using a Molecular Probe
Christopher Dane Zdunich, Joseph LaFontaine, Gabriela Chilom
Women in Comics
Madison Joy Bidinger
Finding the light in the rust.
Michael Bishop
The Equal-Tempered Septatonic Scale
Hilary Ferguson
Effect of humic acid treatment on the removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution
Rhianna Wolsleger, Oscar Ruiz, Gabriela Chilom
Medias Portrayal of Law Enforcement
Ashley Nicole Winnefeld
Investigation of charcoal-based electrically conductive paint
Andrew Arslanian, Wendy Schatzberg
Preliminary Assessment of ARGO Probe Performance and MTH1 Activity Levels in Tumor Tissues
Annie Bowles
Love and Sex as Destructive Forces in The Sun Also Rises
William Henry Wixom-Burdick
Relationship Satisfaction in Men and Women as a Result of Communication Style
Kerra Cherie Henke, Dannelle Larsen-Rife
Ionic liquids as antimicrobial materials
Camille McKae Migliori, Darren Stapleton, Jace Melessa, Gift Ifijeh, Addison Everett, Andrew Koppisch, Donald Warner, Alaura Young, Rico E Del Sesto
Low Toxicity Extraction Solvents for Recovery of Precious Materials and Environmental Contaminants
Gift Omoude Ifijeh, Chinye Sophie Nwokolo, Rico DelSesto
The Ties that Bind: Attachment Theory in 50 Shades of Grey
Lyndsey K. Craig, Abigail Covington, Dakota D. Witzel, Brittany Bennett, Hollie Roper, Sam Passey, Christine H. Beers, Craig Demke, Carl K. Hansen, Dannelle Larsen-Rife
Research: Independent Study
Liza Carolina Teo
Sam Passey
A Study of Dyskeratosis Congenita and Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia
McKenzie Goold, Jefferson Last
Assisting International Students: Why modifications and accommodations are important
Mikaylen Jo Hudson
La Llorona and La Malinche: Breaking the Mold
Scott Robinson
Sex, Like Wine, Gets Better With Age: Sexual Attitudes, Age and Sexual Behavior
Dakota D Witzel, Lyndsey K Craig, Carl K Hansen, Craig Demke, Dannelle Larsen-Rife
Proposed Relabeling of Antisocial Personality Disorder
Carl K. Hansen
The reproductive success of the endangered Dwarf Bearclaw Poppy (Arctomecon humilis) after the localized extinction of a specialist pollinator
Glory Sunday Eyere, Joseph Cartagena, Dr. Erin O'Brien
Efficient Bulk Sequencing of Short Tandem Repeats by Oligonucleotide Selective Sequencing
Jesus Soto
Keeping Score: An Assessment of Automated Essay Scoring Programs, Attitudes, Use, and Teacher-Student Relationship
Brittany Bennett, Carl Hansen, Lyndsey K. Craig, Randall Jasmine, Dannelle Larsen-Rife
Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Sex Education in the United States
Kylyn Howe, Lyndsey K. Craig, Abigail Covington, Dakota Witzel, Hollie Roper, Sam Passey, Christine Beers, Craig Demke, Dannelle Larsen-Rife
Dante Criticism: Understanding How Multiple Meanings Operate within Text
Kayley M. Hopster
Childhood Trauma Effects on Adulthood
Hollie R. Roper, Dakota D. Witzel, Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Sam Passey, Christine H. Beers, Craig Demke, Carl K. Hansen, Abigail Covington
Play and Development Study
Jake Rowley, Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Sam Passey, Dakota Witzel, Carl Hansen
Bi The Way: A Comparison Study of Sexual Attitudes in Heterosexual and Bisexual Persons
Abigail Dawn Covington, Dakota D Witzel, Lyndsey K Craig, Craig Demke, Dannelle Larsen-Rife
A Refutation of the Deleterious Effects of Texting on Language: Synchronic Tilting At Orthographic Homogeneity
Patrick Lynch
Ionic Liquid as Green Biofuel Extractants
Jace R Melessa

Southern Utah University

Unexpected Copper Nanoparticle Synthesis from Bulk Copper Metal
Ashlie Pender
Simple Experiment to Evaluate Beam Deflection
Jacob W Carter, Ali Siahpush
Research of Apple App Development Using the Swift Programming Language and Xcode
Chad William Walkup
Designing and Examining Augmented Virtuality in Network Monitoring Systems
Mitchell James Jeppson, Dezhi Wu
Use of green infrastructure to increase invertebrate biodiversity in the built environment
Jacqualine Grant, Matthew Weeg, Hailey Wallace, Andrew Carlson, Youcan Feng, Steven Burian
Academic Stress in Southern Utah University Students: Coping Mechanisms and Use of Prescription Medication
Phillip Hilton, Matthew Vaughn, Helen C. Boswell
Synthesis of Polypyridylbenzene Derivatives of Hexaphenylbenzene
Andrew Larsen, Adam Penrose, Daniel Taylor, Dr. Mackay Steffensen
The Effect of Eucalyptol on Blood Vessel Diameter in Frogs
John Mark Albrecht, Skyler Buck, Matthew Weeg, Mary Jo Tufte
Diffusion-limited Titration using Microfluidics
Jaxon Levi Barney, Christopher Monson
Nanoparticle Synthesis with Microfluidic Devices
Kyler Radmall
Stripping Supported Lipid Bilayers
Michael Ornstead, Joshua Reid, Stephen Kent Smith, Whitney Nicole Hansen, Chris Monson
Making CSI Dreams a Reality: Microfluidic DNA and Small Molecule Analysis
Allison Kate Hadley, Dr. Christopher Monson
Middle Ground
Sarah Halligan
Comparison of arthropod populations in upland Iron County streams with and without rotenone treatment
Jeremy Toone Evans
Triazine Dendrimer Synthesis
Aleksei Valeryevich Ananin
Active Galaxy Feedback on Neighboring Galaxies; A Pilot Study
Taylor Hammack, Kasen Lisonbee, Bryan May, Jordan Memmott, Kallin Raymond, Morgan Taylor, Cameron Pace

University of Utah

Implicit Motor Sequence Learning in persons with Stroke
Shantae George
Synthesis of 11-cis-Retinol and Its Incorporation with FeO Nano Particle
Sheng Lin
Misunderstandings of type 1 and type 2 diabetes among uninsured primary care patients
Shannon Weaver, Akiko Kamimura PhD, MSW, MA, Jeannie Ashby
Structural quality of healthcare facilities in India
Bianca Angelica Armenta, Akiko Kamimura, Naveen Rathi, Nushean Assasnik
Cagan Sekercioglu
Micro Housing
Natalie Chipman
Mormon Women Entrepreneurship: How Home-Based Businesses Construct and Maintain Religious Identity
Kristen Marie Beck
Integrative Health Model
Jesse Peery
Low Magnesium Diets Reduce Metabolic Rate And Increase Body Fat In Mice Without Altering Glucose Tolerance Or Vascular Function
Jessica Challburg
Integrating Soil Ecology and Microbial Genomics: Decomposition of Canopy and Forest Floor Soils in a Temperate Rainforest
Cody Dangerfield
Determination of the bond dissociation energies of FeX and NiX (X = C, S, Se)
Erick Tieu
Factors associated with oral health-related quality of life among safety-net clinic patients
Kimiya Nourian, Akiko Kamimura, Bethany Gull, Shannon Weaver, Lindsey Wright, Alysa Edwards, Jeanie Ashby, Lea E. Erickson
Harmonization of Sensor Measurements to Support Health Research
Nicole Burnett
The Sound and the Fusae: Notation as a Means of Time Travel
Darlene Castro
Consciousness is a Conversation: Towards an Eco-Dialogical Theory of Communication
Weston Grayson Wolff Wood
Motivations and outcomes of volunteers at a non-student-run free clinic
Akiko Kamimura, Tammy Garfield, Jennifer Tabler, Maziar M Nourian, Mary Elizabeth Stoddard, Alla Chernenko, Jeanie Ashby
Samah Safiullah
Predatory Marine Snail Toxins: a Study of Protein Folds
Kacey Davis
Iran and Education: Concepts for the Development of Learning Technologies
Avisha Sabaghian
Examining Metallic Glass Formation in La-Ce:Nb
Cameron Reinhart
The Belief that Optimism Improves Performance (China)
Stephanie Yu
Effect on Visual Performance by Lutein Supplementation
Ty Mattinson
Lifestyle issues related to diabetes and cardiovascular disease among refugees in Utah
Kai Sin, Mu Pye, Akiko Kamimura
The Alliance between hTR and hMRP in the Fight against cartilage-hair hypoplasia (CHH) and dyskeratosis congenita (DKC)
MiKayla Stokes
Employing the S-Step Conjugate Gradient Method to Solve Quark Propagators
Sabastian Atwood
Ute Nickname Research Project
Sarah Patterson
Development of Antigen Specific ELISPOT Assays for Single Cell Determination of Antibodies Elicited by Different Influenza Vaccines
Medieval Perspectives in Religious and Secular Contexts: the Legend of Theoplilus and the Romance of the Rose
Emma Martin
Health, health literacy and healthcare utilization among Muslim women in Utah
Mu Pye, Kai Sin, Akiko Kamimura
Water-Driven Long-Range Attraction Between Solutes on the Surface of Ice
Michael Travis Allen
A Comparative Analysis on Attitudes Toward Drinking Water Quality between Utah and the Nation
Adam James Whalen, Meaghan McKasy, Sara Yeo
Lead purification and isotope ratio analysis by quadruple ICP-MS
Nicholas Thiros
Targets of FGF signaling in mouse inner ear morphogenesis
Huy Luong Doan, Lisa Urness, Suzanne Mansour, Ree Lu, Xiafen Wang, Ying Li, Yeong Yun
“Standing In, Fitting Out”: Advocating for Spontaneous Creativity in a Society Governed by Public Norms"
Ashley Chin-Mark
Temporal Changes in Microbial Composition and Activity in Serpentinization-Driven Ecosystems
Alex Jay Hyer
The Impact of Real Food Labeling on Student Food Choice Behaviors and Attitudes
Jennifer Noelle Nielsen
Composing Energy Policy
Monica Scott, Danielle Endres
The Effect of Acute Exposure to Ambient Particulate Matter Air Pollution on Arterial Stiffness in Older Adults
Evaluation of Thermoresponsive Recombinant Protein Polymer Nanogels
Bryant Elijah Green, Kyle J. Isaacson, M. Martin Jensen, Alexandre H. Watanabe, Teresa Ta, Hamid Ghandehari
Timing and Rate of Archaic Admixture in Extant Eurasians
Mitchell Lokey
Measurement of Bond Dissociation Energies of Transition Metal Molecules
Jordan Avery Franchina, Michael Morse, Andrew Sevy, Jason Sorensen
Maintenance of acinar cell differentiation prevents KRAS-driven pancreatic cancer initiation
Deanne Elise Yugawa
Quantification of Bone Morphology of the Talus and Calcaneus using Statistical Shape Modeling
Justin David Skinner
Exercise-training increases basal autophagy in endothelial cells of adult mice
Kevin Tian Yang
Volunteer Retention at Free Health Clinics
Talon Harris

Utah State University

Effect of the Total Western Diet via Direct or Ancestral Exposure on Estrous Cycling in Third Generation Offspring in Mice
Kevin Contreras, Jocelyn Cuthbert, Sumira Phatak, Deanna P Larson, Abby D Benninghoff
How ranked choice voting affects incumbency rates
Logan Glenn Hemmert
Behavioral Preferences Within the Southern Resident Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) Population at Lime Kiln Point State Park
Rylee Jensen, Robert E. Otis, Julie K. Young
Narrative Proficiency of Stories Produced by Students with HL Before, During, and After Participating in a Narrative Intervention
Mark Lindstrom, Madeline Williams, Kate Scott, Megan Israelsen, Sarai Holbrook, Sandi Gillam
Stay Calm and Write On: Teaching Writing as a Developmental Process
Amanda Christine Siler
Holistic quality of the narratives produced by children with Hearing Loss before, during and after a narrative intervention
Teigan Riley Beck
Burning the Budgets
Camille Harmer
Assessment of postural sway during different attention focus states in post-surgery ACL tears
Natalie Ferguson, Breanna Studenka
Tom Sawyer may be a difficult read for diverse learners
Mary Rebekah Forbes, Sandra Gillam
The Agony of Misconception
Martha Diaz-Adam
A Regulatory Analysis of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
Arthur R. Wardle
How Occupational Licensing Effects Women and Minorites
Colton Mark Cowan, Olivia Mackelprang, Jacob Caldwell, Fiona Harrigan, Ryan Yonk
Interpreting Climatic Fluctuations Using the Chronology and Isotope Geochemistry of Tibetan Hot Spring Travertine Deposits
Kendra Elizabeth Bunnell, Dennis Newell
Kylie M'kae Olsen
Temperature Dependence of Electrostatic Breakdown in LDPE and PEEK
Tyler Kippen, Allen Andersen, JR Dennison
Language in Politics: A Philosophical and Rhetorical Analysis of How Language Has Shaped the Clinton Email Debate
Jonathan Toronto
Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Spa47 Provides Mechanistic Insight into Type III Secretion System ATPase Activation and Shigella Virulence Regulation
Jamie L. Burgess, R. Alan Burgess, Yalemi Morales, Jenna M. Bouvang, Sean J. Johnson, Nicholas E. Dickenson
Viewing high school extracurriculars through a lens of evolutionary theory: Common goals, member differentiation, in-group favoritism, and aggression toward others
Erica Michelle Hawvermale
The Absence of Women in Rhetoric
Taylor Brianne Jenkins
Testing the Accuracy of Determining Sex From the Metacarpals, Calcaneus, and Talus on Individuals of Known Sex
Katlyn Casagrande
Seedling performance of alkali bulrush sourced from different sites: implications for revegetation in Great Salt Lake wetlands.
Gabriela Judd, Karin Kettenring
Thomas DeMasters
Syntactic Complexity of Narratives Produced by Students with HL Before, During and After Participating in a Narrative Intervention
Samantha Winward, Madeline Peterson, Megan Israelsen, Sarai Holbrook, Sandra Gillam
Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on chemical parameters, and extending shelf life of Breakfast Bites
Alissa Aguilar
Vocabulary Coding
Devan M. Reische
The Becker Brewing and Malting Company: A Tale of Brewing in Utah
Cody Patton
The effects of dynamic loads experienced through Accelerated Bridge Construction
Weston Bellon
Leisure, Imagination, and Enjoyment: The Therapeutic Value of the Recurring Tabletop RPG
Josh M Carson
Ecological Factors Affecting the Reproductive Success of Woodpeckers
Ryan William Sabel
Understanding schizophrenia through computational modeling of latent inhibition
Daniel Griffin
Tender Tinder: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Hottest Dating App
Karlie Elle Jordan
Dietary supplementation with tart cherries for prevention of inflammation-associated colorectal cancer in mice
Ashli Hunter
Rhetorical Analysis of the OJ Simpson Trial
Dawson Tate Oler
Evaluation of Efficacy of K20 on Verticillium dahliae
Sam Martindale
Rhetoric, Technology, and Social Justice: Broadening our Understanding of Human Needs
Jessica Dickerson
Research into the Mechanism of the Phosphotriesterase Enzyme Sb-PTE
Charlie Burgert
High Involvement Mothers as a Shared Experience Between High Achieving Students
Katherine Rebecca Penn
Ghost Dunes of the Snake River Plain
Nathan Gunnell, Tammy Rittenour, David Gaylord
A WPD loop mutation of the protein tyrosine phosphatases YopH, PTP1B, and SSO investigates the connection between structure and catalysis
Justin Pinkston
Synthesizing Microcarriers as a Platform for Pharmaceutical Delivery of Quercetin for Antiviral Applications
Arther Hart, Taylor Eggertson, William Johnson
The Path to Sexual Self-Discovery: The Homosexual Relationship in Willa Cather’s O Pioneers!
Kyrie Alexandra Foster
A Digital Database of Integrable Systems and their Properties
Thomas Hill, Ian Anderson
LDS Mate Preference: No Laughing Matter
Elizabeth Bingham, Erica Hawvermale, Richard Thomas
Amending PHB with Algal Biomass
Amanda Stoudt, Celeste Hancock, Shawni Bastian
Pluralistic Healthcare in Cache Valley
Richard Thomas, Elizabeth Bingham, Jenni Budge, Hope Eggett, McKayle Law, Tyler Young, Jacob Jewkes
Pollution Particle Simulator
Nicholas Michael Carpenter
Power in a Name
Kaylee M Dudley
Rhetorical Analysis on Gorgias' Encomium of Helen
Miranda Skye Lorenc
Syntactic Complexity of Narratives Produced by Students with HL Before, During and After Participating in a Narrative Intervention
Samantha Winward
Grammatical Accuracy of narratives produced by students with HL before, during and after participating in a narrative intervention
Sierra Martin Southwick, Daylene Marie Weller, Megan Israelsen, Sarai Holbrook, Sandra Gillam

Utah Valley University

Correlation Between Phantom and Surgical Specimen Studies Indicate Sensitivity of High-Frequency Ultrasound to Breast Cancer Lobular Carcinomas
Nicole Cowan, Zachary Allan Coffman, Robyn Kira Omer, Timothy E. Doyle
Creating Complex, Controllable Environments for Scaffold-Free Tissue Engineering using Acoustic Levitation
Brady Anderson
Detection of Skin Cancer with High-Frequency
Garrett Wagner
Who's Your Daddy? Paternity Testing Gentoo Penguins at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
Elizabeth Bigelow, Lauren Lee, Eric Domyan
High-frequency ultrasound study of angiogenesis in zebrafish embryos
Dolly Sanjinez, Michaelle Cadet, Natalie Sullivan
Scaffold-Free Tissue Engineering of Lower Limb Peripheral Nerve Tissue with Ultrasound
Samantha Hamner
Low-Cost, Balloon Lifted, Wind Powered, Air Compressor for Clean, Sustainable, Renewable Electricity Generation
Kevin Shurtleff, Jared Gordon, Julio Gomez, Andrew Pigott
Quantifying Nutrient and Trace Metal Input to Utah Lake from Orem Wastewater Treatment Effluent
Sydney Hoopes, Serena Smith, Weihong Wang, Eddy Cadet
Jordan Walter Cruz, Alec Russell, Christian Deveraux, Spencer Petersen, Matt Figgins, Tyler Standiford
Hydrology of Big Spring, Fairfield, Utah: Implications for Native American Archaeology and Avian Biodiversity
Chris Langevin
Comparison between gelatin and agarose media for histology mimicking phantoms for the high-frequency ultrasound of breast cancer surgical margins
Zachary A. Coffman, Nicole Cowan, Robyn K. Omer, Timothy E. Doyle
The Effect of Term Gaps in the Students Pass Rate
Aileen Nemrow, Sebastian Orlando Cruz Ruiz
What do undergraduates learn about human intelligence?
Mayson Astle
Evolution of Protective Square Gills in Caenoidea Mayflies
Dalton Kendall Brady, T. Heath Ogden, Mary Vallecillo
Comparison of the Environmental Microbiome between a Newly Built and a Patient Used Outpatient Clinics
Chase M Call
Assessment of Differential Uplift Along South Java, Indonesia from Terrace Elevations Mapped with Structure from Motion Photogrammetry
Jeremy Andreini
Antifungal activity of endophytes isolated from Ephedra nevadensis
Aaron Cotton-Betteridge, Matthew Koller, Bryce Richards, Preston Larsen, Li Szhen Teh
Waste and Cost Reduction by Reprocessing Used Motor Oil into a Synthetic Diesel Fuel
Kevin Shurtleff, Kyle Sweetman, Mung Nam Ng
Locked-In: A Choreographic Response to the Physical Limitations and Emotional Struggle Manifested by Locked-in-Syndrome
Kelsie Barnes
Caretaker Treatment Paths for Febrile Illness in Children Under Five Years in Ghana
Makenzie Webb, Kerri Scott, Jessica Pettersson
Rates of Scrupulosity in LDS Population
W. Duncan Humphries, Marissa Delys Cowles, Matthew Draper
Phylogeny of Mayfly Subfamily Ecdyonurinae (Heptageniidae: Ephemeroptera)
Ishaah Talker
Music and the Elderly: The Effects of Music Listening and Participation on Life Satisfaction, Depression, and Anxiety in the Elderly
Lee Alan Wulfenstein, Claudia Lieberwirth, Jacob Peterson, Vicky Liao, Cody Titcomb
Partial characterization of five salt-tolerant bacterial isolates from Texas crude oil.
Kristina K Davis
Affect of Phragmites australis control on Utah Lake water quality
Arthur C Evensen, Eddy L Cadet, Joshua W Jackson, Jake Wood, Paul Morris, Ibrihim Alhassan, Kyle Fordham, Victor Sanjinez
Towards a Model of Information Ethics in Customer-to-Customer Service Apps
D. Garrett Hamelin, Pauli R. Alin
Gullible Gatekeepers: Improving the Legal System
Brooke Schroeder
Is the pen mightier than the keyboard: Assessing whether distinct types of note-taking influence retention
Keifer Weiland, Jessica Olsen, Derick Gines, Chantelle Shapcott, Zachary Veach, Brynna Boettchner, Jessica Hill
Immune Privilege Delicensing Factor
Jordan Farr, David Petrucci
Molecular Phylogeny of Baetidae (Ephemeroptera)
Bryson Carrier
Can Visual and Auditory Stimulation Elicit a Physiological Stress Response?
Stephanie Keith, Claudia Lieberwirth
Evaluating mosquito cell line, CCL-126, as a model for Juvenile Hormone signaling
Linnea Harris, Janice Sugiyama
Dissolving Harrop's Semantic Paradox Concerning Moral Error Theory
Melvin Aramis Davila Martinez
Child Sexual Abuse and Criminality
Brieanne Van De Graaff
Broken Promise
brittney Wallace itri
TYRP1 Mutation: Ash-Red Pigmentation in Domestic Pigeons
Nathan Tirrell, Eric Domyan
Prevalence of Dental Calculus in Guatemalan Children: An Indication of the Importance of Dental Hygiene
Annie Hansen
Investigating the Structural Basis of Iridescent Feathers in Domestic Pigeons
Bryan Louie, Stephanie santana, Eric Domyan
Low-cost, Low-impact, Portable, River Powered, Air Compressor for Clean, Sustainable, Renewable Electricity Generation
Kevin Shurtleff, Nicholas LaMay, Jared Gordon, Andrew Pigott
In Defense of the Dances in the League of David
Christian James Tippetts
Targeted mutation of melanogenic genes via CRISPR/Cas9
Trevor Chamberlain, Jacob Kirkpatrick, Braydon Morris, Eric Domyan
Student Rating of Instruction: Link Between Personality and Evaluation
Madison A. Hanks, Scott May, Derick Gines, Jessica Hill
Void of Touch
Kelsey Anne Willets
Birds of many colors: using domestic rock pigeon to identify gene regulatory targets of the transcription factor SOX10
Jeremy Hardy, Tanner Wright, Eric Domyan
Summer drought reduces the growth of invasive tree-of-heaven seedlings
Caleb Roush
Janelle Gherasim
Determining the Effect of a Novel Point Mutation in ENPP1
Toma Todorov
Righting the Rite Right in Student Writing
Alexandrea Mineer
Transforming the Classroom: Can Blogging Foster Critical Thinking
Zakery Williams Estrada, Claudia Lieberwirth, Brynna Boettcher, Josh Brown
Radical Vulnerability: Breaking Down Nietzsche’s Language of Power
Leslie Gustaffsen
A New Distance Measurement to NGC 4874 in the Coma Cluster
Crystal-Lynn Jacqueline Bartier, Joseph Jensen, John Blakeslee
A Phylogenetic Analysis of the Superfamily Ephemerelloidea (Ephemeroptera)
Hayden Kallas, Ruben Jimenez, T. Heath Ogden
Trends in online reporting of immoral and illegal activities related to organ transplantation before and after the signing of the Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism.
Brady Webb
A Proposed Mechanism for Increased Student Success in a POGIL Classroom
Victor Cole Warr
Hydrogen Gas Production from Citric Acid and Other Natural Compounds
David Petrucci, Trevor Oliverson
The Influence of Minority Writing
Jessica Turnblom
Interviewing: Can Facial Coding Analysis Determine Emotional Intelligence
DJ Argyle, Steven Huff, Jeff Peterson, Paul Dishman
Rising Food Prices: The Case of Childhood Poverty in a Developed Economy
Megdalynn S. Fisher
Early Christian Art & Theological Aesthetics
Alyssa Whiting
To Accept or not Accept: A study of Evolution and worldview reconciliation in an introductory Biology class.
Daniel G. Ferguson, T. Heath Ogden
Dynamical Systems Analysis of Thermoacoustics
Robert Stoddard
All or Nothing
Brooke Larson
Ferritin monolayer as an efficient light harvesting architecture
David Petrucci, Trient Spires, Michael Christensen, Matt Rittmanic
Use of COI nested PCR and sequencing to predict mosquito feeding patterns
Kathryn Allred, Aaron Startup
The Use of the Manning Equation to Estimate Stream Discharge in High-Gradient Streams: Extension to Carbonate and Volcanic Terranes
Nicholas David Udy, Alison Stallings, Jeremy Saldivar
Feeding Frenzy: What Modern Fictional Serial Killers Reveal About a Society
Alexandra J Travis
The Cost-Effectiveness of Solar Energy in Utah
Jonathan David Davis, Michael Reyneke, Doug Yates, Huda Al-Ghaib
Higher Education: Is it Worth the Investment?
Jeremy New
The Prevalence of Dental Caries among Children in Guatemala
Alyssa Thacker
Novel compounds extracted from endophytes isolated from Juniperus osteosperma
Schyler A Ellsworth, Merrill D Halling
The American Narrative and "Fancy Free"
Tiffany Bree Wyson
The Value of Self-Efficacy, the Student-Faculty Relationship, and Perceived Learning Gains in Student Success
Dallin Ollerton
The Distribution of Private Practice Dentists in Utah: A high resolution GIS analysis
Emily Irwin, Sara Flood
Connecting Music and Dance
Caroline Beazer
Weekly sleep quality positively correlates with self esteem and motivation for weight management, but negatively correlates with guilty eating.
Christopher Anderson, William Duncan Humphries
Fuel Tanks in Motorsport
Benjamin Vick
The Rhetoric of Fear and the Disintegration of Truth
Jessica N. Wallace
Irlen Syndrome Awareness and you.
Marie (Butterfly) Jones, Pat Nelson, Lisa Williamson
Alexandria White
Race and Embodiment Within Law Enforcement
James S. McGraw, Madison A. Hanks, Brandy Tidwell
3D-Printing of Micro-Total Analysis Systems
Ming Yu, Amber Rowley
POGIL Promotes Problem Solving Skills
Tyler Zulauf
Lauren Marquelle Rowley
The Christin Cathedral: A symbol of Devotion
Chrystel Esther Chantal Buhler
Engine Wear in High Performance Vehichle
Tate Harris
UVYou Can Impact the Environment
Marissa Delys Cowles, Li Szhen Teh, J. Bridger Brandt, Colleen Bye
Gamification in Education
Mark Taylor Bell
Rigorous Project Management in a Creative Environment
Paul Nahrwold
Novel Compounds Extracted from Endophytes of Bassia Scoparia.
Koleton Hardy, Merrill D Halling
Perceptions of Sequel, Remake, and Superhero films Among College Students in Utah
Aaron N Hall
Healing Literature
Aubrey Irmgard Farnsworth
Storytelling that Heals
Shaun David Merrill
Landau-Zener Transitions in Coupled Thermoacoustic Oscillators
Cicely Kae Potter
Data Aquisition
Daniel Monreal

Weber State University

Step Differences in Walking and Pickleball Doubles Using Two Different Technologies
Josh Sonderegger, Matt Denning, Tyler Farr
Barriers and Concerns Related to Health Disparities in the African American Community in Utah
Madelaine Tesori, Monica Williams
Facebook And College Transition
Bailey Paige Lefthand
Implications of 5-HTT and DAT1 Genetic Polymorphisms on Social Anxiety & Stress Response
Parker Hughes, Eryberto Martinez, Tahne Vongsavath, Lauren Homer, Landon Weeks, Joanna Reeder, Shannon McGillivray
Analyzing Multivariate Design of Experiments Using an Azo Dye
Savannah Nelson, Rylan Holmberg
The Ogden Independent Living Standard
Daniel Steven Brinkerhoff
Varying levels of ferritin within normal ranges affect hemoglobin and inflammatory markers in Division I cross-country runners
Benjamin Trace Keaton, David Aguilar-Alvarez, Rodney Hansen
Influence of Lifestyle Habits and LDS Religion on Metabolic Syndrome Parameters in College Students at Weber State University
William Frederick Soule, Heidi Jenkins, David Aguilar-Alvarez
Oxidative Stress in the Brine-Shrimp (Artemia)
Kendrick Grant Udy
Double-crested Cormorant Foraging Responds to Fish Stocking in Suburban Ponds in Norther Utah
Chris Sessions, Brad Hunter
Lessons Learned with Community Based Research: Comparing Approaches
Marla J Rosenvall
Double-crested Cormorant Foraging Responds to Fish Stocking in Suburban Ponds in Norther Utah
Duane Sowards
Atmospheric Turbidity Measurements of the Uinta Basin from Near Space Images
Andrew Petersen, Elizabeth Dowell, William Dowell, Sheri Trbovich, John E Sohl
Vertical Air Column Measurements of Summer Ozone by Tethered Aerostat Flights in the Great Salt Lake Region
Johnny Nikoloff, Jeffrey Page, John E Sohl, Murielle Shallbetter
Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation
Savanna Marie Danielle Shopay
Assessing Barriers to Father Involvement: Evaluation of Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership Head Start Fatherhood Program
Rebecca Mikkelsen
Weber State University - Noorda Engineering, Applied Science and Technology Building
Zachary Ryan Jensen
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
David Arron Richens
Biophilic Design in Education Abstract
Lillie Mae Rowe
Using Interior Design to Form a Sense of Community and Sustainable Interior Environments
Ashley Badali
Noorda Engineering, Applied Science, and Technology Building
Heather Caldwell
Improving Welder Training Using Simulated and LiveArc System
Kevin Jason Erickson, Rulen Miller, TJ Bettino, Scott Lenk, Matthew Summers
Academic Spaces Shape Our Universities
Rebecca Lynn Shaw
Let's Reverse Poverty in SLC
Lindsay Robbins
Combining Modern and Traditional Educational Practices Through Interior Design
Tyler Larry Page
Noorda Engineering, Applied Science & Technology Center?
Zackary Myers
The Local - Senior Capstone Project
Hayleigh Davis
Winter Vertical Column Pollution Measurements Identify Ozone as a Precursor for Nitric Acid in the Salt Lake Basin
Johnny Nikoloff, Jeffrey Page, Michael Hess, John E Sohl
Inertial Measurement of Human Gait for Establishing Baseline Movement Patterns as a Reference for Amputees Wearing Prosthetics
Michael Remley, Joshua Clunas, Travis Harper, John Sohl, Matthew Denning
Sequential Self-Assembly of Zirconium Metal-Organic Frameworks
Jehad Nahed Abourahma

Westminster College

The Last Frontier: America’s Public Lands
Grayson JAMES Massey
Social Perceptions and Negative Attention Bias Toward Persons with Dental Anomalies
Catherine Elizabeth Konold, Jamil McPherson, Andrea Cancino Sáenz, Amarina Rose Chavez, Lesa K Ellis, PhD
Methylmercury in the Great Salt Lake
Alex Martin, Frank Black
Madelene Paige Trentman, Abby Scott, Alexandria Martin, Chris Mansfield, Josh Schmidt, Frank Black
Indigenous Resistance: Counter-Hegemonic Movements of the Wixárika and Ogoni
Cassidy Thomas
Criminal Injustice: Fixing America's Most Broken System
Richard Forrest Pitt, Cassidy Thomas
Abby Scott

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