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UCUR 2017 3D printed vascular grafts for surgical and tissue engineering applications Abstract
Sarah Livingston
UCUR 2017 3D-Printing of Micro-Total Analysis Systems Abstract
Ming Yu, Amber Rowley
UCUR 2017 A Comparative Analysis on Attitudes Toward Drinking Water Quality between Utah and the Nation Abstract
Adam James Whalen, Meaghan McKasy, Sara Yeo
UCUR 2017 A Digital Database of Integrable Systems and their Properties Abstract
Thomas Hill, Ian Anderson
UCUR 2017 A Mental Health Look at LGBT Individuals of the LDS Faith Abstract
James Goates, Brett Campbell
UCUR 2017 A New Distance Measurement to NGC 4874 in the Coma Cluster Abstract
Crystal-Lynn Jacqueline Bartier, Joseph Jensen, John Blakeslee
UCUR 2017 A Phylogenetic Analysis of the Superfamily Ephemerelloidea (Ephemeroptera) Abstract
Hayden Kallas, Ruben Jimenez, T. Heath Ogden
UCUR 2017 A Proposed Mechanism for Increased Student Success in a POGIL Classroom Abstract
Victor Cole Warr
UCUR 2017 A Protein Binding Assay for Copper Complexes Abstract
Steven Dee Walker
UCUR 2017 A Refutation of the Deleterious Effects of Texting on Language: Synchronic Tilting At Orthographic Homogeneity Abstract
Patrick Lynch
UCUR 2017 A Regulatory Analysis of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act Abstract
Arthur R. Wardle
UCUR 2017 A Study of Dyskeratosis Congenita and Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia Abstract
McKenzie Goold, Jefferson Last
UCUR 2017 A WPD loop mutation of the protein tyrosine phosphatases YopH, PTP1B, and SSO investigates the connection between structure and catalysis Abstract
Justin Pinkston
UCUR 2017 Academic Spaces Shape Our Universities Abstract
Rebecca Lynn Shaw
UCUR 2017 Academic Stress in Southern Utah University Students: Coping Mechanisms and Use of Prescription Medication Abstract
Phillip Hilton, Matthew Vaughn, Helen C. Boswell
UCUR 2017 Active Galaxy Feedback on Neighboring Galaxies; A Pilot Study Abstract
Taylor Hammack, Kasen Lisonbee, Bryan May, Jordan Memmott, Kallin Raymond, Morgan Taylor, Cameron Pace
UCUR 2017 Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation Abstract
Savanna Marie Danielle Shopay
UCUR 2017 Adoption of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer in Electric Vehicles Abstract
Carsten Douglas Christensen
UCUR 2017 Affect of Phragmites australis control on Utah Lake water quality Abstract
Arthur C Evensen, Eddy L Cadet, Joshua W Jackson, Jake Wood, Paul Morris, Ibrihim Alhassan, Kyle Fordham, Victor Sanjinez
UCUR 2017 Algorithmic Extraction of Multiple Sclerosis Medication History Abstract
Dylan Manneing Rowe, Shayla Anne Draper
Telisha Pantelakis
UCUR 2017 All or Nothing Abstract
Brooke Larson
UCUR 2017 Amending PHB with Algal Biomass Abstract
Amanda Stoudt, Celeste Hancock, Shawni Bastian
UCUR 2017 Analyzing Multivariate Design of Experiments Using an Azo Dye Abstract
Savannah Nelson, Rylan Holmberg
UCUR 2017 Anatomy Academy: Helping Problem Student Engage in Learning Abstract
Amanda Ly Nielson
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