National Conference on the Beginning Design Student

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National Conference on the Beginning Design Student

University of Utah Campus

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

March 9, 2017 – March 11, 2017

The National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (NCBDS) is a national peer review scholarly gathering dedicated to the study and practice of beginning design education. For over 25 years, the NCBDS has provided a forum for design educators to present papers and projects and hold discussions related to introductory design issues.

The NCBDS’s origins reside in a small gathering entitled Beginnings. This gathering, held in 1972 at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and organized by Tim McGinty and Gerry Gast, brought together for the first time design educators to discuss introductory design education. Just over a decade later, after a second gathering held in 1983 at Cranbrook Academy, the first Beginning Design Conference was held in 1984 at Arizona State University. Since that conference in Arizona, the National Conference on the Beginning Design Student has been and continues to be the primary venue for discussion about the practice of and research into for beginning design.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the NCBDS’s longevity is that the conference has no formal organizational structure. It has no president, no treasurer, and no dues. Instead, the conference has a dedicated community of beginning design educators whose interest in the educational challenges and attendant pedagogies, projects, and curricular strategies associated with beginning design propel the conference.

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