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General Papers

Citing Site: Utilizing the process of mapping to answer Why…
Jacklynn Niemiec, Jason Austin
The Ethics of Architectural Form
Matthew Scott Hall
New Frontiers in Teaching Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication
Umut Toker
The Place of Design Thinking in General Education Reform
keith diaz moore, Martha Bradley
Beginning with Collage: The Promise of an Open, Collaborative, and Interdisciplinary Way of Making
Sanda D Iliescu, Candice Vanderhorst
Designing Anticipation: experimenting with dynamic change
Simon Bussiere
Architectural Analog: Find Make Move
lance walters
Mentorship: Engaging Freshmen in Professional Practice
mo zell
Why Theory: Enabling Criticality in Beginning Design Students
Pasquale De Paola, Liane Hancock
Democratizing Access: unplugging digital inequality and extending the impact of new technologies
Shelby Doyle, Nick Senske
Five years of flipped classrooms in beginning design communications: lessons learned
Nick Senske
Crafting Values
Arief Setiawan, Elaheh Demirchelie
Play it Again [and Again…] the Benefits of Iterative Study through Synthesis
Empowering Students with Design-Build
Nick Senske
What Precipitates Change in Cultural Diversity Awareness in a Multicultural Design Studio Practice?
Nancy Snow
Strange Things, Optimistic Pedagogies and Contemporaneity
Andrew Santa Lucia
CNC Mediated Representation
Joshua Vermillion, Shai Yeshayahu
VARIANCE: Coordination vs. Variation in Foundations Studio
Anne Patterson
Contemporary Foundation
Thomas Forget
Projects from Module: Renegade studios and instructors in the midst of the traditional
Patience Lueth
Generation WHY: emphasizing the individual in pedagogy
Liane Hancock
Hybrid Pedagogical Frameworks for Digital Media: A Case Study
Lee-Su Huang
Understanding Beginning Design Education: A Survey of Current Practice
Michael Frazier
Drawing Vocabularies
Meg Jackson, Michael Gonzales
The New Human Factor
Meg Jackson, Michael Gonzales
Necessity for Learning Abstraction in Representational Thinking
Stephen Temple
Introducing empathy into the classroom: Becoming my brother’s keeper
Roger Joseph Vitello
The Art of The Prompt
Samantha Krukowski
Drawing the Known and the Imagined
Jacklynn Niemiec
Plane of Non-Agreement: Mapping Pop Culture
Brian Michael Ambroziak, Andrew McLellan
Process as Presentation: 2D vs 3D, competition not coordination
kristopher M Palagi
Prose before Poetry: The Value of Common Sense
Matthew Scott Hall, Hansjörg Göritz
The Lore of Building Experience: Deconstructing Design Build
Experimental Drawing in Contemporary Design Education
William Philemon
constructive play
Patrick Doan
The Most Important Question: The Magic of “What If?”
Miguel Lasala
The Drawer's DRAWER
Anne Patterson
Blank Slate : Student Participation in Project Definition
Andrew R Tripp
Digital Storytelling: Harnessing the Power of Story to Access a Connection to Community
Allegra Pitera
The Ethics of Color : Practice, Theory, and Tacit Learning in the First Year Architecture Studio
Andrew R Tripp
Don't Just Sit There: Furniture Design, Social Justice, and "Thingking"
Zeke Beaumont Leonard
Drawing on Values: Learning from Sol LeWitt in First-Year Design Studio
patrick rhodes
Beauty, Craft, and Truth: Developing an Ethos of Making in Beginning Design Students
patrick rhodes
Application of BIM Simulation Tools in Architecture Education
Mahsan Mohsenin
REBOOT: A Critique of the Critique
Nikole Renee Bouchard
Design Clinic: a new take on the architecture studio model
Aleksandr Mergold
Considering Unintended Impact of Innovation in Design Education
Brook Kennedy
Mass Timber and the Urban Edge
Jonathan Boelkins
Beginning architecture studios in the context of Liberal Arts Education: using community-based projects and participatory design tools
Silvina Lopez Barrera
Guided Visualization Pedagogy: Connecting Sketch Models with BIM to Balance Rigor and Creativity
Mark Joseph O'Bryan
The Value of a Service Learning Studio: Why Design Matters in the Struggle for Equitable Food Access
Sallie Hambright-Belue
‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ Thinking: Stimuli Influenced Choice in Introductory Digital Design Pedagogy
Edward Becker
Empathy and Experience as Instruments of Design
Liz Teston
The Good in Architecture: Why Discipline Matters
Fred Esenwein
Promoting Occupational Engagement in Design Education: Accounting for Doing, Being, Becoming, and Belonging
James Thompson
Virtual: Construction Modeling & Material Logic
Robert Holton
Beauty Will Save the World: Inspiring Reflection, Innovation, and Activism in the Beginning Design Student
Sarah Michele Young, Kiwana McClung
Slow Architecture: From Form to Purpose
Sarah Michele Young, Thomas Cline
Matter of Ruled Surfaces: Eladio Dieste for Beginners
Federico Mario Garcia Lammers
Building a Bridge to an Interdisciplinary Foundation and Agency through Kaleidoscopic Inquiry
Kory Alan Beighle
Metacognitive Transdisciplinary Practices
Jeffrey Hogrefe
A gendered Architectural Pedagogy: mistress and master
harriet Harriss
cartography of alchemy
Vincent Francis Sansalone
DRAWING: AN ARCHITECTURE OF AUTHENTICITY Material Attributes, Assembly Techniques, and Environmental Conditions
Robert Holton
Engaging the Disengaged Student
Channing Lynn
Across the Great Divide: Technê and Epistêmê as the Why of Beginning Design
Thomas Jerome Cline
Exploring the Pedagogical Implications of Teaching Craft through Documentary Film
Kory Alan Beighle
The Clone: Year one, Day one
kristopher M Palagi
Necessity for Learning Abstraction in Representational Thinking
Stephen Temple
Special Session Proposal: Open Forum - Improving Teaching: New Faculty and TA's
Tim McGinty
Public Art in Design Education
Sandy Litchfield, Carolina Aragon
The Dinner Party: Making Iterations with Empathy to Create an Insightful and Sensitive Body of Work
Nikole Renee Bouchard
Site Analysis as Design
Gabriel Kaprielian
Architecture as Frame: Addressing New Challenges in Architectural Education
Firat Erdim, Olivia Valentine, Laura Martínez de Guereñu, José Vela Castillo
The Cultivation of Critical Thinking About Design
Charles Debelius
Zuzanna Karczewska
Working across the Art/Architecture divide: from musical notation to urban form
Charlott Greub
Terrains and Territories: Agency in the Spatial Design Process
Pavlina Ilieva
An Examination of Beginning Design Studios Through the Lens of Behavioral Economics
Charles Debelius
The first-year experience - The real world
Ralf Oliver Schneider
Inside / Out
Gabriel Kaprielian
Site Analysis as Design
Gabriel Kaprielian
Drawing the Known and the Imagined
Jacklynn Niemiec
Slow-Design: Methods for Developing Multi-Dimensional Thinking in Beginning Design
Brian Anthony Grieb
A Speculative Essay on Design Process: Agency through Making
Whitney Hamaker, Kory Alan Beighle
Students Stepping Up: Why Outreach is Important for Young Design Students
Margaret McManus
The Body Mantle
Meghan Lynn Minton
In Search of Implementing Simulation Tools in Early Design Education
Negar Kalantar, Alireza Borhani Haghghi
Beginning with “Environmentality”
Elisa Kim
In Defense of Abstraction: Ethics of Form
Matthew John Shea
Citing Site: Utilizing the process of mapping to answer Why…
Jacklynn Niemiec, Jason Austin
Critical Optimism: Pedagogical Framework for Innovation
Matthew John Shea
The Body Mantle Show
Samantha Krukowski
Digging deeper: Creating meaning while discovering internal resolve in a Capstone project
Roger Joseph Vitello
Designing for difference: lessons from a cross-disciplinary implementation of Universal Design for Learning
James Benedict Brown, Richard Hall, Ros Lishman, Jo Rushworth, J. Richard Snape
Curricular Strategies for an Inclusive Design Education: The HBCU Beginning Design Experience
Pavlina Ilieva, Gabriel Kroiz, Adam Bridge
Found in Translation: The Importance of Curiosity, Context and Creativity in Beginning Design
Nikole Renee Bouchard
S.A.E. Statement: Introducing Human Scale into Beginning Design
kristopher M Palagi
Subconscious Ethics: the Architectural Toy
Gabriella Lucia D'Angelo
Peer to Peer: Finding Inspiration From Within
Brad Deal, Robert Brooks
Disembodied Circle: A Twelve-Step Program
Brian Michael Ambroziak
Tangible / Intangible: constraints and the beginning design student
Roya Plauche'
Slack Me: Beginning Communication
Shelby Doyle
Flying Machines: From Architecture to Air
lance walters
Beginning with Collage: The Promise of an Open, Collaborative, and Interdisciplinary Way of Making
Sanda D Iliescu
Staging innovation in first year design pedagogy: the K-State experience
Jason Brody, Katrina Lewis, Jon Hunt, Aaron Schump
Learning from Life: Instilling an Ecological Ethic in Early Design
Kristin Nelson, James Leach
Addressing Adjectives: Mimicking Branding Strategies to Promote Meaningful Architecture
Margaret McManus
Emily White, Jennifer Shields
Why Not?
Laura M. Terry, Russell Rudzinski
Diagramming History
Arief Setiawan
On The Interdependence of How and Why: Notes from a First Year Drawing Instructor
Brian Schumacher
Communication Matters!
Robert Dermody
Designing Anticipation: experimenting with dynamic change
Simon M Bussiere
Meg Jackson

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