On Friday February 27, 2015, the Marriott Library will be hosting a day-long symposium on emerging technology trends in higher education.

The conference theme is inspired by New Media Consortium’s annual Horizon Report for Higher Ed. The Horizon Report is a collaborative effort between NMC and the Educause Learning Initiative to identify emerging trends, current challenges, and forecast future technology developments that impact higher education.

While noted faculty from Science and Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Health Sciences have been invited to speak, we would like to invite submissions for presentations, lightning rounds, and panel discussions. Please see the Call for Papers for more information.

Special thanks to Alberta Comer, Dean of the Marriott Library, Catherine Soehner, Associate Dean for Research and Learning Services, and Alison Regan, Head Scholarship and Education Services for their generous support.

The symposium organizers are using PKP's Open Conference System to coordinate this event. The organizers would like to give special thanks to Curtis Mirci and Leah Martin of Information Technology Services for web development and programming support.


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