Distinguished faculty who have accepted an invitation to speak at the symposium include Dr. Cynthia Furse, Dr. Ruth Watkins and Dr. Craig Caldwell.  A successful call for papers recently concluded. As a result, a number of proposals were selected that addressed a trend, challenge, or development related to technology and its intersection with higher education.

The concept for the symposium was inspired by New Media Consortium's 2014 Horizon Report for Higher Education which identified emerging technology trends, challenges, and developments.

NMC identifified the following:


  • Growing ubiquity of social media
  • Integration of online, hybrid, and collaborative learning
  • Rise of data-driven learning and assessment
  • Shift from students as consumers to students as creators
  • Agile approaches to change: the Lean Startup Movement
  • Evolution of online learning



  • Low digital fluency of faculty
  • Relative lack of rewards for integrating technology into teaching
  • Competition between new and traditional models of education that involve emerging technologies
  • Scaling teaching innovations
  • Expanded access to higher education is outpacing the development of infrastructure that supports the success of students who aren’t college-ready
  • Keeping innovation relevant to education and student needs



  • The flipped classroom
  • Learning analytics
  • 3-D printing
  • Games and gamification
  • Potential uses for applications that track personal data in a higher education context
  • Virtual assistant
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