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General Papers

Resilient Living
Glenn E Richardson
Psychometric Properties of the Resilience Scale in Older Adult Women
Katarina Friberg Felsted
Stress Management on the Go
Glenda Christiaens, Glenda Christiaens
Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement: Enhancing Body Awareness for the Treatment of Pain and Trauma
Alan Fogel, Amy Pete, Jacqueline Fogel
The Vitality Map: 9 Keys to Deep Health, Joyful Self-Care, and Resilient Well-Being
Deborah Zucker
Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method
Carol B Lessinger
Wild Nature, Intention, Stories, Mirroring and Community: The Power of the Medicine Walk
Kinde Nebeker
Mind Over Matter
Christina Wilson
Welcome to Your Library: Resources & Services for the Integrative Health Practitioner & Client
Alfred Mowdood, April M Love
Energy-Based Psychotherapy – Results and Applications
Meera Jain
Dialogue in Compassionate Leadership for Biofield Therapies
Saara Ullery
Mindfulness- the new Medicine?
Renee Kraczek
Building Resilient Relationships through Nurturing Touch
Julia Franklin
Cultivating Nurse Resilience
Perry M. Gee
Mind-Body Integration: Pairing Fitness and Mindfulness Practices
Deborah Byrnes
Compassion, Resilience and Teamwork in Healthcare Settings
Yotam Heineberg
A Personal Story of Yoga in Schools
Denise Druce
Laughter Yoga
Karen Thorsen
Helping to heal trauma with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Debbie Coleman
Applied Integrative Resilience Model
Gregory Paul Anderson
Comprehensive Treatment Methods for Trauma and Addiction
Michael Berger
Applied Resilience and Integrative Health Model
Emily Anne Yeates
Integrative and Applied Resilience Model
Gregory Paul Anderson
Footzoning : healthy foothold book 1
Jamie Jensen
The Wellness Shift
Jerald Duggar
Healing Touch
Christine Bitonti Stewart
Diving Deeper- Creating Trauma Resilience Through Somatics
Daniel J Schmidt, G.C.F.P., L.M.T.
Working with spirituality in everyday healthcare
David Derezotes
Compassion, Resilience and Teamwork in Healthcare Settings: Experiential Part II
Yotam Heienenberg
An Examination of a Yoga Intervention with Young Adult and Pediatric Burn Survivors
Amy S. Con
Healing Touch: An Experiential Program
Chritine Stewart
Integrative Health Information and Navigation for Cancer Patients and their Loved Ones, A Panel Discussion
Jeff Yancey
How creating an internal locus of control improves health outcomes
Lee Smith
The Healing Touch of Reiki
Robin Johnson
Story Time Parenting: Simple Stories and Practical Strategies for Raising Resilient Children
Calvert Cazier

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